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Full Version: avastar-2.0-23_blender-2-77
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is this the newest version with bento compatability?
Important noticeWe are recommending that customers discontinue using Avastar 2-0-23, if support is expected, as this is a test version, and most issues have already been solved and will become available with the Avastar-2.1 release candidate.Thanks for all your ongoing support to help us identifying the issues. Continued use of Avastar-2.0-23 is your decision as long as you understand we cannot offer support for issues you encounter.The Avastar-2 final release is expected to become available around march 2017. For detailed information please read the Avastar-2 test ReportThe Machinimatrix Team
(01-16-2017, 11:16 AM)djvanillasky Wrote: [ -> ]is this the newest version with bento compatability?

yeah that avastar with bento bones
thank !!!!!
hi, can I use this version with Blender 2.73?
Wowww! you're the best!! works 100% here!
thenks you posting message
Does this include crack?

Does this include crack?

No crack needed, my friend Smile 
Blender if a free program, and the download of Avastar is just an add-on.. 

Read the details in the first post for instructions. and then enjoy learning! Smile 

I would recomend checking out youtube tutorials from zero
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