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looks wicked
(10-14-2014, 09:21 PM)ZeroThe10th Wrote: [ -> ]This is MESH motorcycle from the Japanese company [Sau] These super expensive bikes are highly detailed and are at least visually worth their high prices which can go from the mid 1000s to the high 2-3,000s.
-All of the bikes are mesh
-Some include multiple colors, while some are single
-All include the DAE and Textures.
-Warning: The file ext maybe missing from some of the files, which may prevent them from being uploaded. If this is the case just add .DAE at the end and it should go back to working.
This was an error on my part and I apologize.

With all that said Enjoy.

[Image: fvkcaa.png]!1MVxBDJb!spRv2xkLUO...5E4xq_ppLA