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(02-19-2013, 03:21 AM)Femme Wrote: [ -> ]Bonus pack includes;

-What that Boy needs..., Is a nice Big Cock up his Ass!
-f Your Dick is as Big as Your Mouth.., Then we got a Date!
-Shove it up her tight little Ass!
-You Jackass!
-Do You Understand Me?! You Crazy Fuck!
-Wanna get laid?, Crawl up a Chicken's Ass and Wait!
- Now if any of you SOB's, got Anything Else to Say.....", NOW IS THE F*CKING TIME!!!
-Oh, you little bitch–troll from hell
-Get Away From Her, You Bitch!
-Kiss My Ass, Sugar!
-Fuck You!!
-You miserable piece of Dick Brain, Horse Shit!, Slime sucking son of a whore bitch!
-You little piece of Dribble Piss!
-ATTENTION CHATTERS!! We have another potential asshole in the room. Will all members please activate their alert button immediately! Let us now get this f*cking Jerk outa here.Thank You.
-Excuse Me, do I have.., Fuck Me written on my Forehead?
-Fuck You, You cunt slurping Bitch!
-HaHaHa!, Whoever taught You how to Fuck., ..Should have their Dick cut off
-Lol, You call that a dick?! Lol

[Image: sHxfu.png]

Cool pack nice  and Beautyfull
Thank you for the gestures