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Full Version: Truth Hair textures
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Thank you for sharing.
Thank you for sharing.these textures
Very nice textures...*Thank You*...
Thank you for the textures, i've been looking for these!!
(05-29-2015, 08:08 PM)ZeroThe10th Wrote: [ -> ][Image: 10nytlw.jpg]

A large collection of Truth hair textures!BJRBUZqa!GmLcunZBuu...RGhER_QATw

Perfect. I havve some hair I'd like to customize. Thanks!
Thanks, nice! Nice to have a collection like this.
Umm what color what colour? White, green, pink or blue? What is my natural hue? flamigo. Hell it doesn't matter which color I want because with this pack I get a pick for the entire year to come. OH YEAH!
ty sooo mcuh good stuff love it
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