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  10,000L Sharing contest coming soon!
Posted by: ZeroThe10th - 08-27-2014 10:36 AM - No Replies

[Image: 10d5npu.jpg]

It's that time of the year again!
that's right the 10k sharing contest!!

How it works?

You go out into the grid and swipe items

Those items will be scored

and whoever has the highest score at the end of the contest wins the contest.

The more you steal the better your score will be.

The contest will begin on 9/1 and will last until 9/30

More details as well as a special section for the contest will open up this Friday.

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  Your Assistance please!
Posted by: ZeroThe10th - 08-16-2014 04:01 AM - Replies (4)

[Image: 2i1ma9i.jpg]

Hi bunnies,

There has been a slight shift in the way things are being done around here.
If you haven't noticed the Goon Squad is going through a few changes (for the better)
and We would like your help with one of those changes.

So here is the thing.

We are going to start creating tutorials
Well we already have a tutorial section but we're going to be updating it with better higher quality tutorials so you can be the best goon you can.

On this forum English is pretty much the dominate language, which is a problem for our goons that don't speak English.

Now you could say
Zero you sexy bunny they can just use google translate and badda bing badda boom it's done.
Google translate is flawed, you know it, I know it, they know it, and we may be saying one thing in English
But when it's translated it will come out as something totally different and nothing will get done.

So to cover that problem we are looking for people who are fluent in other languages and can translate the tutorials into other languages.

If you help us, not only will you have the gratitude of the admins but You'll be helping the Goon Squad grow.
annd you'll get rep and a special badge and or title to recognize your efforts.

So it's a win win for everyone.

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Posted by: InigoMontoya - 08-12-2014 03:05 AM - Replies (2)

[Image: ACyHzX6.png]


Yea you know who you are! I have a big problem with ungrateful, non-sharing NOOBS asking for stuff and complaining about this and that.

We have many, MANY, noobies going through our site, taking stuff and never sharing. Wanting this and that, bitching about quality and crap without EVER sharing a freekin' thing.


I will personally ban you forever if you start doing this shit. It's frustrating enough watching you take all the things we family here work so hard to get, and then post for you ungrateful people.

The only way that you get to do this is if you actually take your precious time and resources to upload your own shit for our family. Then, and ONLY THEN, will I sit back and allow you to be grumpy. PERIOD.

Got it?


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  JOIN GoonSquadArmy Group in SL
Posted by: Ap0110 - 08-02-2014 10:16 AM - No Replies

Click here to join the group

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  [Copybot Viewer] Sombrero Firestorm
Posted by: machinecode - 07-29-2014 12:09 AM - Replies (23)

[Image: sombreroviewer.png]

**Privacy - spoof MAC ID0 use a proxy.
**Instant message Encryption between Sombrero clients (check the lock)
** Shift right click avatars Objects Land to show Sombrero custom Pie Menu Items
** Shift left click to show uuids
** right click images to show a context menu
** quick switch to uuid, inventory and local texture modes
** enable radar Sombrero rezzing functions from the radar menu
** show Sombrero toolbox feature to toolbar to allow defensive and offensive options
** Play any sound uuid or choose from combo
** Voice Hax position lock
** Play any animation uuid or choose from combo
** Touch Spammer
** Speed Rezzer
** Undeformers that work
** Go to ground or a Safe Platform
** Select All Region Owned Objects or Delete them
** KeyTool Asset Injection
** Message Logging and Building
** Vfs Explorer and Injection
** Sound Explorer and ripping
** Animation Explorer and Ripping
** Particle Explorer with Full Sim Ripping inc avatars attachments
** Viewer Side Hacked GodMode
** Import wearables scripts gestures free using bulk.
**BVH Animations can be bulk uploaded
** Unique Texture Inpection with detailed properties and Texture animation/particle script ripping
** XML OXP DAE Exporting
** All preview floaters have ripping to inventory and exporting abilities.
** AO has UUID notecard detection and use without adding [UUID]
** Detailed asset properties with editing
** Save as
** Texteditor
** Hexeditor
** Reupload
** save invz and load invz Inventories
** Local Inventory Sorted into folders (No Mess)
** Snapshot Detection
** Dialog Detection (as requested)

** Clean caches before install for best results
** Viewer is kept up to date with firestorm development repository so there may be bugs as well as fixes that viewers based on older releases don't have

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  GOONSQUAD is lookin' for a few good members and Griefers!!
Posted by: InigoMontoya - 07-22-2014 05:18 AM - No Replies

If you can answer yes to more than one of these following questions, we would love you to join the GOON SQUAD.

1. Do you fancy yourself a badass?

2. Do you find yourself looking to rip everyones clothes and hairs off in SL social situations *not cuz your horny*.

3. Do you get off on wreaking havoc and mayhem on uptight, ahole landowners and shopkeepers?

4. Do you understand mesh and how to upload it?

5. Do you know how to make tutorial videos on your own?

Well, if you think this is exciting, we think so too. We'd probably like to meet ya. SO, if you like this idea, drop into the INTRODUCTIONS area of the Forum, tell us about yourself and become a family member ASAP!


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Posted by: Ap0110 - 06-21-2014 07:14 AM - Replies (3)


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  Host your files with GoonSquad Cloud
Posted by: Ap0110 - 06-20-2014 11:25 AM - Replies (4)

Use the GoonCloud to host all of your files. Just create an account and start your nigra storage.

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  ::IMPORTANT:: Killing off Leeches with a fury
Posted by: ZeroThe10th - 06-19-2014 02:20 AM - Replies (7)

[Image: 2i0gako.jpg]
Hello Bunnies.
Time to talk about a serious problem Leeching

We tried being nice and we tried referring people to tutorials, and created ways to make sharing easier but some of you just take and take.
Not for anyone Not even for the Big Boss who runs this place has to shell out money to keep it going, and he could be like other sites and make it mandatory to pay.
But he doesn't. He is paying real money just to make all of you happy and you can't even share a single file?

It is too damn hot and it's not fair that only a handful of people have to work so hard to keep this place going while others get to sit and reap the rewards.
So here is how things are gonna go.

If I see that person has no shares and they're taking multiple things
For example
If you have downloaded 4 items without sharing any thing and you're not a VIP member then
I'm gonna bring the ban hammer down on your head, and it may be longer than the normal ban time for leeching.

I'll be kind and give you a 4 item grace period, and one of those items better be a viewer to steal stuff.
but come that 5th, 6th, or 7th item then its Bam! headshot. No mercy no exceptions

In short share or be banned brush up on your stealing as it is described

You must reply to see links VIP access unlimited downloads
1 share =1 Download
Big shares of good quality items get you more room to flex,

if you don't want to share and you just want to download become a VIP member and donate to our cause.

That's all for now and thanks for reading

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Heart It pays to be VIP: Check out these new Services!
Posted by: ZeroThe10th - 06-02-2014 03:57 AM - Replies (1)

Well howdy there Goon Bunnies!
How's your day Goin'?

Well it's about to get better, because I have an announcement to make!

With the blessing of our Big Boss we are announcing some new Services for our lovely paying members.

OKay First Service up is.
[Image: ad0pxt.jpg]

The Rigging service: Yes Quietly in the shadows some of our Goonie members have been learning how to Rig mesh!, and it just so happens that we have a large collection of un-rigged rigged mesh items just waiting to be rigged for your enjoyment.


Say you have a unique shape, you know a little more hippy than the average duck.
Well if you submit your xml with your request, we can import your avatar and shape the mesh clothing around your body!
( Yaaaaaaay)

( at the moment this can only work on non mesh/prim bodies. So no askin' us to stretch mesh over a giant wolf butt, cause we cant do it. )

Another Service we're offering our Esteemed paying customers is..

The Hitman service.
[Image: 103dda9.jpg]
What is the Hitman service you ask?
Well it's this.
I'm sure you've seen the movies right? Played the games?
Say some jerk face person has pissed you off and you want them to pay, Or that jerk face is having an event and you're like " if only I can make that jerk face pay for what they did to me.Or if you just think it would be funny to eff with a certain group of people, with this service you have the ability to keep your hands clean and hire a bonafide Good Squad Griefer to cause hell and chaos on a sim for your pleasure.

Wonderful huh?

Well that's it for today's announcements!
These services will be implemented for our paying VIP members shortly

If you want these services become a VIP member simple ya ^_^

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