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Hey my fellow goons!
This month we are looking for Legacy hair, and by legacy hair I mean those old hair made from prims and sculpts.
of course we like mesh hair but we found that legacy hair is a little easier for people to collect plus over the years everyone may have more of it than mesh hair.
Legit hair, copied hair, Old hair, even Demo hair is accepted as long as it's prim/sculpt.

Those who post the hair will get double the rep for each post and even some extra rep for effort.

Remember just XML export the hair and post it on here, ooh bonus if you include the textures/assets.

Okay that's it for this newsletter,.

Thanks again and we look forward to your post.

Hello everybody!

We have a few updates to inform you about

1. As you know we changed the way the VIP membership works; In the previous version you were allowed a special section of mesh downloads and all you can download. However as times have changed and mesh is just as common as prims we decided to remove the VIP section, and just allow members to download all the content they want without fear of a ban hammer.The price was also lowered the price from 10.99 to 5.99, which brings us to this update.
Recently we received questions/complaints about the GOONSQUAD MEMBERSHIP(aka the Insta-RED membership)
One member even said and I quote
"If VIPs are allowed to download because they support with money, how is my $2.99 a month any different? I'm supporting you guys with money right? So it should be the same?"
So as we loaded that member's body into a shallow grave, behind the local Walmart I had to admit he was right, Money is money and that money supports us.
SO! from this day forth
If you buy a $2.99 Membership you can be granted VIP status.
if you bought a $2.99 Goonsquad membership( and is still paying for it) Send a screenshot of your receipt to @Zerothe10th and your account will be upgraded to VIP
If you bought a $4.99 Goonsquad membership before this promo you can't downgrade to a $2.99 membership BUT you can refer a friend and we'll make them a VIP member on the house.( Well not really, you're paying for it but your friend doesn't have to!)
Those who got the $10.99 membership back in the day can invite 4 members to become VIP

Remember in order for your accounts to be upgraded you have to send a full screenshot of your paypal transaction to @Zerothe10th or your accounts CANNOT be changed.
( If you need help with screenshots please download GYAZO)


In other news the Sombrero viewer has been blocked ;_:
We are currently searching for any members skilled in viewer dev to help us create a new Viewer, Members who help us will not only help us and the entire community but will be granted VIP status ( so you can enjoy the spoils you helped us get) and a instant 150+rep
Plus you know we'll worship and praise you like crazy.

If you or someone you know has the skills to achieve this please contact:

With viewer blocking we are allowing a open access to our Extinction viewer
Normally we would only allow VIPs and RED+ members access this viewer but in light of the situation we will allow anyone to use it
It may not be the most up to date viewer BUT it is a viewer that is not blocked and we hope that you use it to share items with us.

That's it for this newsletter.
Please continue to lend us your support and we'll do our best to keep this boat a float.
Hi Everybody! Sorry for the late Newsletter but here it is!

This summer has been so busy for all of us and although it may look like we've been on snooze, we've been working in the background setting up things Inworld, on this site, other sites and other grids.
Busy bees I tell ya. So here's whats been going on.

1-Youtube channel:
We have a Youtube channel for our mesh tutorials!
We created a channel teaching you guys how to make and create mesh this includes Rigging, creating Alpha maps, baking and whatever we can think of/what is requested at the time.
We even made sure the programs as well as all the plugins and add-on are included in the description of each tutorial so you can jump right in without having to search the site for the materials.
So visit us here and subscribe if you wanna learn how mesh works: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.

2. Double that Rep+
The Goonsquad is now branching out into other Grids, we teamed up ( in secret of course) with a group that is making a new grid on this new type of Opensim/ Hyper grid and scored a whole sim!

However as you may know SL XMLs as well as the .Skin, .Tattoo, ect cannot be taken into OS without the assets.
Since we've only been focusing on SL and not OS( open sim) alot of our tutorials and items have been uploaded without the assets. Which suck..
SO! Our Eff up is your gain, we need people to add items on here that are OS friendly. If you add items that are Os friendly you'll get double the rep points.
Lets say you post something that would normally be worth +1 rep if it's OS friendly you'll get +2 rep
something worth +2 rep will get +4 rep.
This is a wonderful chance for those in the negative rep zone to bounce back into the positive.
Just make sure you mention it's OS friendly or you won't get the points.
( if you claim something is OS friendly and it's not you'll lose double the rep so no crying wolf)

Here is what it means to be OS friendly.


When exporting Wearables or Prim objects( Houses, hair ect)
Check the Download texture button and download all the assets for the item.
if the textures won't download, you can manually extract the textures and place them in the asset folder for the item.
The files must be in .J2C format for the asset to work properly so keep that in mind.

Export the animations in .Anim, .Animatn, or .BVH format
UUIDs can only be used in the world where they are exported so SL uuids won't work on an OS based world because that inventory isn't there.

Export sounds as .Ogg or Wav

Png, Tga, J2c anything that isn't a uuid is OS friendly

As far as I know LSl works in OS so you can just export those normally

Mesh: Mesh is OS friendly already so you don't need to do anything special


3. Mesh section update #1:
So as you know there is
We'll be adding a new section to the Mesh area " Yard Sales" This section will be aimed towards those open Gacha areas. Snapshots( Better be good snapshots) will be accepted in place of promo pictures. As some of these places use items that are discontinued or set up in sets. So getting promo pictures may be impossible.
We hope you'll enjoy this new section and of course we hope that you share items as well. ^_^

Mesh Section update #2:
In order to keep things nice and neat around here we've decided to create store categories inside the mesh section. Once 5 or more items for one store is posted that store will get a section for all it's mesh content.

We feel this will help you guys not only find your items easier but make it easier for those who like to do mass postings.
If you plan on doing a mass posting for a store, you can request a store creation( if there isn't one already) form @Zerothe10th and one will be created as soon as possible.


Html, Videos, music and Pictures

We enabled the ability to add embeds to your profile so if you wanna add music to your profile you know to jazz it up you totally can.
Also the previous 5 (videos) 10( picture) add limit to videos and pictures for posts have been removed.

Finally Thank you

Thank you to all of those who took the Summer Survey.
we made these changes based on what you guys said in the reply to that survey.
if you have any more suggestions please feel free to submit them.
We like and and listen to them..

That's it for this newsletter.
if you have any questions comments or concerns please feel fee to reply.
Updated version of Darkstorm 3.1.0:
[Image: WwdVveX.jpg]

You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.

IMPORTANT!! Install this build as a CLEAN INSTALL ***
if you have problems uninstal, delete the darkstorm/settings folder and reinstall
advice: change DS system folder on Login Spoof (#Darkstorm)

NEW v3.1.0:
- update repository new Firestorm
- minor changes & some bugs fixed
- more soon ....

If you have problems, try delete settings & cache folders:

Enjoy Smile

[Image: FG8K63S.png]

eXtinction - now with XML, DAE(now with textures), OBJ and HPA Export ...

This viewer requires a key
Keys are only given to the following member types
<span style="color:#ff0000;"><strong>{GoonSquad}
<span style="color: #0000FF;"><strong>{Upload Team}
<span style="color:#DAA520;"><strong>{VIP}

<span style="color: #1E90FF;"><strong>{Registered} Users will only get a key after they have shared 10 items or revived a REP score of +10

After you download go to File and register. It will show your hwid # pm it to You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view. and we will activate your viewer.

You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.


You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.

<span style><strong>OVERALL MEMBERSHIP RULE - SHARING IS CARING. 1 SHARE = 1 DOWNLOAD</strong></span></p>

Hey Everybody!

Happy New Year we hope your Holiday was safe and enjoyable!
We've been busy here at the Goonsquad and we wanted you to know it!, but first a quick shutout to all those who took part in our special holiday donation drive, we were able to donate a big chunk of change to the CancerMovement group and it's all thanks to Y'all!
Those who donated should have received their special Thank you package inworld. If you donated and didn't receive one just PM Zerothe10th and you should have one sent to you.
With the new year comes new Updates and features on the board.
-We added the ability for everyone to edit and delete their own post
-Picture and video amount has been increased
-New Profile Notifications
-New Profile editing abilities
-New Video Section for Griefing videos as well as Machinima
-New Mesh tutorials have been added
-Tutorial and orientation section have been combined.


We have some major updates to report as well such as the change in the VIP section.
Goonsquad members as well as upload team members can now access the VIP section.
however the 1 download 1 share rule still applies.
The only people who can download items without shame or sharing are the VIP members, anyone else caught doing it will get hit with restrictions or a ban, so please keep that in mind.


We had a bit of normal donation money left over to rent a small parcel in world.
This in world location ( although empty right now) will have special items and freebies for your enjoyment such as mesh items and Grab bags. They won't be there for long so make sure you check it out
The GoonStore will open later on this month and it's location will be posted in the next newsletter.

That's it for this newsletter! We hope to see you on the board soon, and as always happy hunting!
[Image: sn1kya.jpg]

Hi Everybunny
It's time for Some more news and Updates!


Taking on new grids

With the rumors of LL changing SL in 2015 swirling about we've decided to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where Goon has gone before XD.

We're exploring new grids to establish ourselves just in case SL bites the big one
So far we are very interested in the Atek Grid.
You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.

It's got everything Sl has, free uploads ( Mesh, animations, textures, ect.)
and running a full sim with 45000 prims is only 8USD.

We're already in the process of buying some land and the URL to said land will be posted as soon as it's available.

With that said it would be worth noting that the Upload team is working hard and exporting mesh that we can enjoy/import on both grids.


So the Holiday is coming up and just a friendly reminder we Admins have families and things to celebrate irl.
So the days leading up to the big day/days
we'll be unavailable to troubleshoot, activate viewers, or upload.

That doesn't mean we're gonna leave you guys hangin' we'll still be around to just expect delays.

And Lastly!

So because you guys did such a good job uploading we've decided to give you an early Christmas gift.

Something that is normally reserved for the VIP members buy you guys earned it ^__^

Enjoy a full rip of the stores
Mud Honey and PILOT MESH
You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.

This will be moved to the VIP section after the holidays are over SO if you're a normal member best get it while It's Hot XD.

That's it for this Update
Happy Holidays from The Goonsquad!
[Image: 9i7pjl.jpg]
[Image: rssyo2.jpg]

Hey everybody time for some news!

The new year is coming up and we're working hard for the new year holiday.

One of the things we're working on is collecting the dead links and restoring them.

Since people have complained about losing a download to a dead link we're creating a You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view. in which you can check the link and see if it's dead or not.

Of course our skilled upload team is working hard on restoring these links but in the meantime we ask that you please You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view. first before you download.

In other news.
Issues surrounding the Old Skool viewer are currently being addressed
Errors with the XML export are being addressed and a solution will be posted shortly.
In the meantime we ask that you refrain from using Oldskool's xml export, as it will give you glitched exports. The Mesh exporter on the other hand works perfectly fine, so no excuses why you cant get that mesh >_>

and lastly

To our wonderful VIP members.
We have a special new feature that is being worked on just for you.
Please check your inboxes for this special announcement.

That's it for this news session, stay tuned for more Goon Updates
[Image: oldskool_icon.png]

MD5: cd8824b10e2e10f2ac6c788866b2a8f2
SHA-1: caaa2986c6d55e8ea264ff218510e170939f02f8
Updated Saturday, ‎September ‎27, ‎2014
You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.

== Old Skool Features == ___________You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.

Quote:#Fixed Notecard Crash
#Allow Rigged Mesh Selection
#Added Import /Export Inventory for Xml Objects(note not finished, will not inject to prim yet)
#Ability to distinguish mesh from prims and ability to select deselect them from the export list in XML Exporter
#go back to older KDU 6.4.1 to alleviate issues with blury textures
#Added Some Fun options to the radar click the > for alternate button set (you can set Rez object in Options) < will return to normal buttons
#Updated with Singularity.
* MAC and HDD serial Spoof added to Login Panel.
* Channel and Version Spoofing added to Login Panel.
* Spoof system language in OS Preferences.
* Detect Avatars Trying to use Commands (pinging you) toggle in Old Skool preferences security.
* Local inventory
* New Phoenix Skin Added.
* Added Phoenix Fancy Beams.(settings in Old Skool Preferences)
* Radar has had an overhaul e Phoenix like with Sombrero features on right click.
* Added Avatar Hud Detection.
* Voice position locking (lock to camera or pos) located in voice remote control on toolbar.
* Mouselook now shows avatar name and distance with ability to set custom crosshairs in OldSkool Preferences.
* Image Metadata Reader Used to get the real uploader of textures and ripped Loal Inventory textures (works for most not all)
* Copy AssetID and Open Texture added to a context menu of texture controls.
* Preview floaters of Textures, Animations, Sounds, Mod Scripts and Gestures with ripping ability (Downloading for all using file menu / save preview as (shortcut ctrl s)
* New Bulk upload submenu added to filter out types.
* Wearable Upload added.
* BVH animations will now upload and download.
* Import Scripts notecards added to file menu of their respecting preview floater.
* Texture Inspector with Texture Ripping, Also particle and animated texture script ripping.
* Av Texture floater unlocked and added rip all to inventory and copy all asset ids to clipboard. (can right click them too using the new context menu)
* Key Tool (creates a local inventory item from the UUID stored in the clipboard) - with added Full perm wearable injection.(creates a non temp item)
* Shift left click in world object selects and edits it for fast selection (hold shift keep clicking objects)
* Ripping Textures added to the Shift + Alt + Ctrl + T (while object is selected)
* UUID NoteCard made to work in the Viewer AO
* Reupload assets with right-click "reupload" from Inventory.
* Inventory back-up, with right-click "save as"
* Save and load inventories, with right-click "save inv cache" / inventory file load Inv Cache (on another account loads your backed up inventory on alt)
* Create Items in yourLocal Inventory using create menu in your inventory.
* Play 'Ambient' button in all sound floaters, makes sounds appear to play from everywhere.
* Copy UUID in sound preview windows
* Copy UUID in animation preview windows
* Circuit Floater added to disconnect Regions. also ability to show circuit info in chat via toggle in Preferences Old Skool.
* Added Message Packet Builder.
* Added Message Packet Logger.
* DAE and OBJ Export permission checks removed.
* Added Familiar Export Xml Floater with wearable rip. (a total rewrite of the selection system avatar attachments load faster. Ability to open floater and keep adding objects by clicking them.)
* Added Resync of animations.
* Added ability to clear viewer effects.
* F1 Key now opens the Debug Settings for faster access.
* Control Alt g Toggles Hacked God mode
* Asset Hex editor
* Asset Text editor
* VFS Explorer and Injector. (same concept as cache viewer, reads writes Assets in your cache)
* Unlocked sound explorer added some ripping abilities.
* Unlocked animation explorer added some ripping abilities.
* Added Particle Explorer Floater to view/rip all particle system scripts in sim.
* Added Undeformer
* Delete all owned objects in region.
* TP to ground and to Platform.‏
Howdy Bunnies!

We'd like to announce that the 10k sharing contest is now live
From now until September 30th (9/30) 12am EST
We will be hosting a wonderful contest that could make you 10,000L richer!

All you have to do is go out and steal your little hearts out.
Each item you steal gains you a point.
Item points are explainedYou are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.

And entries can be posted on this board riiight You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.

Now we'll only look at items posted here You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view. so if you post your entries anywhere else they won't count ;__;

The person with the most points wins the big prize!!

We even made a thread that shows who's in the lead so make sure you check that out every now and then.

Welp that's it for now, good luck everybody and happy stealing!

[Image: 23uotpj.jpg]

Sample Box 5

Mybb Portal 2.0 :)
This it's a sample image

Put Here your code or text!
Or whatever you want! :D
This its a simple example! ;)

Sample Box 6 - Games Servers

Sample Box 2 - YouTube

Sample Box 3

Sample Box 4

Put Here your code or text!

Put Here your code or text!

Put Here your code or text!
Put Here your code or text!
Put Here your code or text!

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