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by Father at 02-16-2018, 02:01 AM
[Image: Fitted_mesh_body.jpg?1415124277][Image: Snapshot_140.jpg?1415124288]

With this pack you will get: 
1) Fitted mesh body 
2) Tattoo seam hide 
3) Modifiable shape 
4) Alpha 
5) HUD with 4 skins
by EcLiPz13 at 02-15-2018, 07:27 PM
Here's my 2nd share from B@R
I can't seem to find these in the MP but i will includ3 screenshots so you actually know what you're getting..

[Image: 34s4dco.png]
[Image: 2cdh5pu.png]

I included the assets and the UUID's for the AO

RobotWalkByED 3a609862-4ab7-d81c-51c0-aff21555fe80
RobotWalk fd9eae19-f579-fd0f-9d19-4ec2540fb01e
RobotStat a7c51442-b2b2-b42d-31d7-14559fad54e0
RobotStand a912e6f3-1e38-a760-8f66-6e4a2a6bef76
RobotHov 3259c158-c929-9407-8d25-f2107de524f8
Robotflyup be3e6a72-a292-170b-767d-38457b19134c
Robotfly 668ef47c-7f81-3e3e-ea53-66dfba37f2c4
RoboflyDown e39f525f-a868-73da-be98-0dd1cf222ac4
by EcLiPz13 at 02-15-2018, 07:13 PM
I am still learning how to extract "Quality" stuff to share with you guys that isn't already here

So bare with me...

Apparently this item doesn't even exist in the MP so here's a couple ScreenShots i took
[Image: 5mha8o.jpg]
[Image: 28i2ed5.png]

Below is the UUID's for the AO
DragonFly     46187113-edcd-8c48-1cb8-10e0a67c72e3
DragonHover    5da2dcae-1548-6c74-360c-710163a3e683
DragonRun    c4a1db20-6fac-cef8-c49e-bfdc4439cd69
DragonSit    cf4e493f-8ce9-8627-59b2-d9a5630896c7
DragonStand    135384f9-7f9c-b856-47c7-89a341834836
DragonWalk    40c996c5-575f-25be-a5bc-12d71ac4c9e5
by Fem'nominon at 02-15-2018, 04:25 PM
someone posted this outfit avail mths ago but their download link was
filled with tons of adds and misleading clicks.
so im re-uploading it with "Maga".
its complete with DAEs,Textures (Png) etc.
""Maitreya, Belleza (Fraya,Isis), Slink Hourglass.""
All fitted and ready for download !
varies in download cost, but well under 50L$ each
Uploaded and tested each by me in SL.
*Seul Cornors Body suit
*Seul Cornors -C
*Seul hart Playsuit
*Seul Kit trousers
*Seul Paris StolSeule
*Shelly Top
Hope you like them as much as i do :Adore:
Please rep if you like them. Wink[/img]][img][Image: BGYMYgg.jpg][/img]


by JadeJewell at 02-07-2018, 04:36 AM
i have several female avatars, some upgraded with mesh bodies/heads (non-bento), some have not been upgraded except for Slink feet. please contact me with another means of contacting you since i cannot read/send private messages.

xxx stuart 6/27/2006 (maitreya 4.1 bento, catwa skye non-bento head, lots of mesh clothing, full inventory)
xxx blackheart 12/31/2008 (slink high feet)
xxx jinx 07/20/2009 (slink high feet)
xxx acer 04/14/2010 (slink high feet)
xxx darkrose 04/15/2010 (tmp free body)
by johnkarun at 02-05-2018, 07:08 PM
[Image: 1517871991_SSOu5vAUEYCK8su.jpg]
Assault Rifle Script
Copy, modify, transferScript to build your own Assault rifle.12 menus:
Scope off/on, Sling and Draw,
Semi or Auto, Ammo, Fold or Unfold,
Silencer off/on, Safety off/on, Reload,
Help , Laser off/on, Text off on, Infinite ammo.Bullets includes (phantom, push, training, damage, damage 2 Damage 3)Mode fire flash.Ao, to walk and run with the gun.Includes example, bullets,
scripts, notecard, animations, sound,
laser and flash
by naminami at 02-05-2018, 08:11 AM
Found here and there, not only on Secondlife so you can create what you want and modified them..

[Image: 09f2d3bbc919dad1a925964796e13e40.png]

Download Here
by naminami at 02-05-2018, 08:05 AM
This is my first share, and I hope is useful..
This script is the same that the shops Birdy/Alchemy use for create cat, dogs etc.. with the animation. I'm not able to create script or understand how it works, I only found this script inside a cat of this shop that I own.. The script is full perm (for error probably) inside.. If you are able to create mesh, and know how the script works (you have to create several mesh of the same pet in various positions for create the movements and the script needs for create the sequence of the various positions) this is a very big help!! 
If someone are able to explain better, are welcome, english is not my language and i try only to explain.
integer RestingFrame = 14;
list MovingFrames = [2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13];
list StillFrames = [14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25];
integer Calmness = 3;   // lower numbers trigger standing animation more often

integer FRAME_LENGTH = 3;

float FRAMERATE = 0.03;

key Owner;
integer Moving;

integer CurrentFrame = 0;
integer SequenceIndex;
integer FrameTimer;
integer StandCountdown = 0;

integer MovingFrameCount;
integer StillFrameCount;

// ===========================

integer randomInt( integer value )
   return (integer)llFrand( value + 1 );

integer randomRange( integer min, integer max )
   return min + randomInt( max - min );

// ==========================

       llSetTimerEvent( 0.0 );

       llSetLinkAlpha(LINK_SET, 0.0, ALL_SIDES);
       llSetLinkAlpha(RestingFrame, 1.0, ALL_SIDES);
       StandCountdown = Calmness * 10;

       if ( llGetAttached() )
           llSetTimerEvent( FRAMERATE );

       Moving = FALSE;
       Owner = llGetOwner();
       MovingFrameCount = ( MovingFrames != [] );
       StillFrameCount = ( StillFrames != [] );

   changed(integer change)
       if ( change & CHANGED_OWNER )

   attach(key attached)
       if ( attached ) llSetTimerEvent( FRAMERATE );
       else llSetTimerEvent( 0.0 );

       integer info = llGetAgentInfo( Owner );
       integer isMoving = (info & (AGENT_WALKING | AGENT_FLYING | AGENT_IN_AIR) ) > 0;

       // has there been a change?
       if ( isMoving != Moving )
           // going from moving to not moving?
           if ( Moving )
               if ( CurrentFrame > 1 )
                   llSetLinkAlpha( CurrentFrame, 0.0, ALL_SIDES );
               llSetLinkAlpha( RestingFrame, 1.0, ALL_SIDES );
               Moving = FALSE;

           // beginning to move?
           if ( !Moving )
               SequenceIndex = 0;
               FrameTimer = FRAME_LENGTH;
               llSetLinkAlpha( RestingFrame, 0.0, ALL_SIDES );
               if ( CurrentFrame > 1 )
                 llSetLinkAlpha( CurrentFrame, 0.0, ALL_SIDES );
               CurrentFrame = llList2Integer( MovingFrames, SequenceIndex );
               llSetLinkAlpha( CurrentFrame, 1.0, ALL_SIDES );
               Moving = TRUE;


       // we're in the same state
       if ( !Moving )
           // waiting?
           if ( StandCountdown )
               // check the standing timer

               if ( StandCountdown <= 0 )
                   // start the standing anim list
                   SequenceIndex = 0;
                   CurrentFrame = llList2Integer( StillFrames, SequenceIndex );
                   llSetLinkAlpha( RestingFrame, 0.0, ALL_SIDES );
                   llSetLinkAlpha( CurrentFrame, 1.0, ALL_SIDES );
                   FrameTimer = FRAME_LENGTH;
               // otherwise cycle the animation
               if ( FrameTimer )
               if ( SequenceIndex >= StillFrameCount )
                   llSetLinkAlpha( CurrentFrame, 0.0, ALL_SIDES );
                   llSetLinkAlpha( RestingFrame, 1.0, ALL_SIDES );
                   // we're done, reset the counter
                   StandCountdown = (Calmness * 8) + randomRange(6, 6);

               integer newFrame = llList2Integer( StillFrames, SequenceIndex );
               llSetLinkAlpha( CurrentFrame, 0.0, ALL_SIDES );
               llSetLinkAlpha( newFrame, 1.0, ALL_SIDES );
               CurrentFrame = newFrame;
               FrameTimer = FRAME_LENGTH;


       // frame timer countdown

       // still showing this frame?
       if ( FrameTimer )

       // otherwise move to the next frame
       if ( SequenceIndex == MovingFrameCount )
           SequenceIndex = 0;

       llSetLinkAlpha( CurrentFrame, 0.0, ALL_SIDES );
       CurrentFrame = llList2Integer( MovingFrames, SequenceIndex );
       llSetLinkAlpha( CurrentFrame, 1.0, ALL_SIDES );
       FrameTimer = FRAME_LENGTH;
by nigrajim at 02-02-2018, 08:35 PM
[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]
PHP Code:
// :CATEGORY:Pose Balls
// :NAME:Sit_Animation_Script
// :AUTHOR:Moopf
// :CREATED:2010-01-10 05:20:56.000
// :EDITED:2013-09-18 15:39:02
// :ID:773
// :NUM:1061
// :REV:1.0
// :WORLD:Second Life
// Sit Animation Script.lsl
// :CODE:

//Sit Animation Script by Moopf (All Rights Reserved).

//If you purchased this script from me you may use it as much as you like.
//If you didn't purchase this script from me let me know where you got it!

//This script will allow you to create an object with an animation other than the standard sitting
//animation. There is a notecard in this object which contains a full list of possible animations
//as of 1.3

//This is used to store the key of the avatar currently sitting on the object
key agentKey NULL_KEY;

//When an avatar sits down we request permission to animate them, and this gets set to TRUE if we
//receive those permissions. The avatar isn't normally requested to give permissions with a pop up box - it just
integer permissionResult FALSE;

//This is the animation we want to use when the avatar sits down. A full list is in the notecard contained in this
string theAnim "sit_ground";

//This is the text that will be shown in place of 'Sit' on the pie menu the avatar sees when they right-click on
//the object
string sitText "Meditate";

//Sitting position. This is the X,Y and Z position of where the avatar should sit on the object,
//in relation to the center of the object. <0,0,0> cancels the sit position. Different objects need
//different sitting positions to look right, so you'll need to play with the X, Y and Z values until
//you are happy. You can use + or - numbers. For simplicity (so you don't have to worry about rotation,
//you should orient your object so that the Z axis points up and the X axis (the axis the avatar will
//face) points forward.
vector sittingPosition = <-0.1,0,0.7>;

//init() - runs on state_entry and on_rez
//Change the text shown on the pie menu to what we've specified in sitText
//Set the position on the object that the avatar should sit. For simplicity
    //you should orient your object with the Z axis (blue one) pointing up.
    //The <0,0,0,1> is a quaternion rotation and if you follow the sitting
    //position notes about axis, you won't need to touch this and it's not easy
    //to explain!

//state_entry - launches whenever the script is reset (or on change of
    //state but this script doesn't use other states!)
//on_rez - launches whenever the object is rezzed
on_rez(integer times)

//changed - launches whenever something about the object changes, such as a new
    //object is linked which is exactly what happens when you sit on an object!    
changed(integer change) {
//Check to see if the number if linked objects has changed
if (change CHANGED_LINK)
//If it has try to get the key of the avatar that's sat down.
key agent llAvatarOnSitTarget();
//Check to see if it was an avatar and that we
            //don't currently have an avatar sitting down.
if ( agentKey == NULL_KEY && agent != NULL_KEY ) {
//OK, we now now there's an avatar sitting on this object and we have their key
agentKey agent;
//Request permission to animate the avatar
            } else if ( 
agentKey != NULL_KEY && agent == NULL_KEY) {
//The person sitting down has got up. If we managed to get permission
                //to animate then we need to stop the animation.
if (permissionResult) {
//Stop animating the avatar
//So the object is ready for the next person to sit down let's reset the script
                //to reset everything.
//run_time_permissions - launched when llRequestPermissions is used and
    //the script receives the result of that request
run_time_permissions(integer value) {
//Check to see if we got permission to animate the avatar
//Set the permission flag for use later.
permissionResult TRUE;
//Stop the default "sit" animation
//Start the animation we want to use.
// END // 
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