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RE: ShoopedStorm v4.4 - SoHammey - 04-04-2013

Hello Guest!! You need to Register or to view the content

RE: ShoopedStorm v4.4 - J_Midds - 04-04-2013

Nice buddy, can't wait to try it out

RE: ShoopedStorm v4.4 - dr.fuxed - 04-04-2013

My short mix review of ShoopedStorm v4.4
+ Unlike DarkStorm, this does not save all textures of an object at once.
click on object more-> more-> Textures->Tex Inspect this gives you the option to save all to inventory if you want to export right click the folder it saves in your
Inventory choose save as..

+ Uses the same cache and chat log location as Firestorm preventing both programs to be used at the same time. And this locations seem to be not changable.
## This is changable in Avatar menu / Preferences / Network & cache

+ Crashes when trying to save as obj a mesh that is part of a linkset.
## Um.. Obj is a mesh! mesh is not part of linksets use xml for linksets obj for mesh

+ Offers to show UI on mouse loook.
## in Avatar menu / Preferences / Move & View Mouselook options are there

+ Less confusing XML export dialog, only one option, unlike DarkStorm which has an additional Export Linkset option which is not clear what it does different.
need for duplicate code there is no difference your spot on.

+ Does not remember which location we last visited and on startup it offers a blank destination field.
havent tested this maybe you found a bug IDK

+ Does not offer "hacked god mode" which is useless by the way.
## All of the
godlike perms have beeen removed in code so no need for viewer side godmode its useless

RE: ShoopedStorm v4.4 - LILLYANNE - 04-04-2013

t so much this is awessome

RE: ShoopedStorm v4.4 - jayteenc - 04-05-2013

thanks cant wait to use it!!

RE: ShoopedStorm v4.4 - Sax - 04-05-2013

(03-31-2013, 11:11 PM)Ap0110 Wrote: <p style="text-align: center;">
<img border="0" height="284" src="" width="284" /></p>

<iframe allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" src="" width="560"></iframe>

<span style="font-size:22px;"><strong>ShoopedStorm is a Firestorm version of ShoopedLife. All features are free to use. You dont need buy a key or any of that other garbage. Enjoy</strong></span></p>

ShoopedStorm Features

* Spoof Login Credentials - located in viewer menu on login screen.
* Import / Export Objects and Wearables.
* lua Console version 5.2
* Message Log / Message Builder
* Local Inventory and Lodaing and saving of .invgz
* Texture Inspector
* Shift Left Click Copies UUIDs for objects, avatars, textures
* Shift Right Click Gets the textures for objects, avatars, textures controls
* Texture control Image by uuid and lots of preset textures
* Keytool (ctrl shft k) opens assets by uuid wearables are permanent.
* Explode and Destroy to pie delete menu
* Measure to pie Pathfinding menu
* Avatar textures reworked with wearables rip and profile pics
* Inventory Backup (save as)
* Inventory Assets Reupload feature
* Rez one, Grief Rez to right click in inventory Objects
* Delete All Owned Objects In View (ctrl+delete)
* Upload scripts, wearables, gestures, notecards added to bulk upload (free upload)
* Inventory item properties is in full details.
* Explore Animations Floater added with save as bvh or animatn
* Added reupload, saveas .animatn, saveas .bvh, copy uuid to the animation preview floater
* Sound Explorer has export as wav or ogg
* Added copy uuid and play ambient to the sound preview floater
* Preview gesture floater added Duplicate gesture btn, save to disk gesture btn, and copy items from gesture to inventory (sounds aninations etc...)
* Asset Hexeditor
* Asset Texteditor
* Added Teleport To Safety(control+pgup) + ground (control+pgdown)
* Added Avatar Hud Detection to pie menu
* Added Vfs Explorer and Vfs Injector Floaters (Vfs is built in asset ram disk)
* Added Obj Export by Apelsin (mesh)
* AO can use uuid notecards simply drag to built in ao it will then create a folder with notecard and animations in local inventory fom there you can right click export for os grid
or redrag notecard to AO overrider to use from local inventory.
* Custom Mouselook Crosshairs and avatar distance. use your own or choose from list.
* TpHere added to the land pie menu.
* Added ripping abilities to the radar right click
* Added a follower button to radar to make your prims follow atarget.

*ShoopedStorm Tools
(This includes five tabs “Targeted, Objects, Sounds, Animations and defense”)

Targeted taballows you to attack any player on the grid so choose your target and your attack and enjoy the lulz
Objects tab allows you to drop any prim into the slot and mass rezz how many you desire, utimatly crashing the sim (built in Sim Crasher). It also has an Object follow Prim option.
Sounds tab allows you to enter the UUID’s of any sound and play them inworld. There are also built in sounds preloaded with the viewer. You can also go to floater_toolshed.xml and add you desired sounds so they are available from the drop down menu.
Animations tab same instructions as sound tab, works the same way.
Defense tab allows you to stop all dialog spam, block all dialog toggles, derendeer prims, block all sounds, etc… In other words you are protected.


nice post

RE: ShoopedStorm v4.4 - Prinny - 04-05-2013

Hopefully this should work, thanks dood.

RE: ShoopedStorm v4.4 - BobGab - 04-06-2013

Looks very interesting, thanks and will definately give it a try Smile

RE: ShoopedStorm v4.4 - Cash - 04-06-2013

Thank you sooo much for this great share ThumbsUp

RE: ShoopedStorm v4.4 - nevrox - 04-06-2013

Great !