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RE: ShoopedStorm v4.4 - mutecuter - 07-19-2013

Hello Guest!! You need to Register or to view the content

RE: ShoopedStorm v4.4 - Goodspeed - 07-20-2013

hello, I do not know yet to vote on this viewer, so I'll try then I give my opinion, I like much your forum I would like to participate and learn I hope you find a valuable aid not to remain isolated

RE: ShoopedStorm v4.4 - Phantommenace - 07-21-2013


I am really looking Forward to try this Viewer. I will post Feedback as soon as I tried it.

Thanks a lot.

Ok, after installing and looking at it I must say I have no clue how exporting of meshes, anims, or all those other nice Features announced in the original Post does work. In SeriusLife it was all nice and easy in the pie menu. But here I must admit i am a bit lost where to find all those nice Features and how to use them. Is there perhaps somewhere some sort of tutorial or any other help available?

I would highly appreciate it.

RE: ShoopedStorm v4.4 - Looper - 07-21-2013

Thank you, I want to try this one out too Wink

RE: ShoopedStorm v4.4 - razorfish - 07-22-2013

nice! can't wait to try it

RE: ShoopedStorm v4.4 - Xelimos - 07-23-2013

Like the name, going to test the viewer now.

RE: ShoopedStorm v4.4 - zakendavi - 07-23-2013

Thank you so much i love the viewer

RE: ShoopedStorm v4.4 - marrissey - 07-23-2013

First time I've heard of all of this, I was told about it by a dear friend via SL and it was reccomended to me, thank you.

I'm certain I'll get what I want out of it.

RE: ShoopedStorm v4.4 - maggy23 - 07-25-2013

Ty I will try it! LOL

RE: ShoopedStorm v4.4 - 0utKast - 07-25-2013

Gracias. Me ha sido de mucha ayuda.