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RE: ShoopedStorm v4.4 - Revbot56 - 07-25-2013

Hello Guest!! You need to Register or to view the content

RE: ShoopedStorm v4.4 - outlookbfg - 07-25-2013

:Cool: i will give it a try

RE: ShoopedStorm v4.4 - maikeldonkers - 07-26-2013

Thnx, long time search, 4 such a fine new copybot viewer. I have a question. Login in SL works fine, but as i want to login my own opensim server he gives a dns error. My first thought was to edit the grid manager in preferences but i can't see no way to enter my loginuri. Has anyone an answer to this?

RE: ShoopedStorm v4.4 - Surprised - 07-27-2013

Thank you Smile

RE: ShoopedStorm v4.4 - barchetta - 07-27-2013


RE: ShoopedStorm v4.4 - rednight69 - 07-28-2013

Thank you very much

RE: ShoopedStorm v4.4 - niceboy - 07-29-2013

Nice work Smile, thank you !!!!

RE: ShoopedStorm v4.4 - Gooniemonster - 07-30-2013

Looks amazing although I prefer anything but firestorm might try shoopedlife though SmileSmile

RE: ShoopedStorm v4.4 - lobsterhead - 07-31-2013

nice one! Has to be better then the old Barbie I;m using, lol

RE: ShoopedStorm v4.4 - alliex - 08-01-2013

cool looking for a alternate viewer to use ThumbsUp