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RE: ShoopedStorm v4.4 - root33 - 04-11-2016

i like this one more than any copybot viewer based on firestorm but we need new update plz Ap0110 for this one its the great one Smile

RE: ShoopedStorm v4.4 - xXx-Goonie-xXx - 05-22-2016

thanks for the veiwer man but does it support mesh? it is all stretched out and stuff

RE: ShoopedStorm v4.4 - G33susCri3st - 07-04-2016

Am I just blind or is this missing the "griefing radar" as found in the Shooped Life Viewer? That was kinda one if it's most attractive features. Thank you for the share though. Much appreciated!!! Does anyone have any information on any other additional battle clients?

RE: ShoopedStorm v4.4 - MightyMist3ry - 11-29-2016

this is a stupid question, but how do i copybot?..

RE: ShoopedStorm v4.4 - trip - 12-27-2016

Hey not sure about this viewer i kind of see nothing of the mesh just balls.. but Thanks for the effort

RE: ShoopedStorm v4.4 - jayeno3o - 01-15-2017

Thank you~ ^^

RE: ShoopedStorm v4.4 - Simi - 02-05-2017

Thank you Smile It's much appreciated *off to learn some more*

RE: ShoopedStorm v4.4 - brainphrozen - 04-08-2017

Thank you for this, I do like a bit of Shooping Smile