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BananaN 4 Piece Chair Set - Khalina - 09-10-2017

[Image: 1504995408_57z3Kpesv0dbh1U.png][Image: 1504995424_ralbsWvzVCcwOxL.jpg][Image: 1504995432_JjQtvEne0hYCXva.jpg][Image: 1504995443_aXfPei7wDbhWAir.jpg]

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Enjoy!! If you have any issues, lmk. I am newb c: <3

ps: Tried to add the attachment from here but it's not showing at the bottom. Hopefully it randomly pops in when I post! 

RE: BananaN 4 Piece Chair Set - zoieviper - 09-11-2017

thank you for sharing very pretty Smile