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ShoopedLife by: Ap0110
YoungMoney Offline
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[Image: 543px-Shoop_da_whoop.svg.png]

ShoopedLife Features include:

Grief tab on Radar menu ( Drop any prim into the the slot, pick a faggot to grief from the radar, choose how many prims to rezz and attack with then click Rez Item. ??/ Profit.

*ShoopedLife Tools

(This includes five tabs “Targeted, Objects, Sounds, Animations and defense”)

  • Targeted tab allows you to attack any faggot on the grid”.
  • Objects tab allows you to drop any prim into the slot and mass rezz how many you desire, utimatly crashing the sim (built in Sim Crasher). It also has an Object follow Prim option.
  • Sounds tab allows you to enter the UUID’s of any sound and play them inworld. There are also built in sounds preloaded with the viewer. You can also go to floater_toolshed.xml and add you desired sounds so they are available from the drop down menu.
  • Animations tab same instructions as sound tab, works the same way.
  • Defense tab allows you to stop all dialog spam, block all dialog toggles, derendeer prims, block all sounds, etc… In other words you are protected.

ShoopedLife Dropdown Menu features:

  • *Close all Dialogs,
  • *Block Dialogs,
  • *Delete all your objects,
  • *Fake away status,
  • *Forced Ground sit,
  • *Phantom, *Go Invisible,
  • *Undeform avatar,
  • *TP Safety,
  • *Tp to Ground,
  • *ShoopedLife Tools,
  • *Animation Override,
  • *Nimble, *Resit,
  • *Pose Stand,
  • *Object area search,
  • *Clipboard Keytool,
  • *Local Assets,
  • *Sound Explorer,
  • *Vfs Explorer,
  • *Rip Particles,
  • *Message Circuits.

CopyBot and Additional Features include:

  • import/export,
  • rip textures,
  • rip and download animations,
  • rip and download sounds,
  • UUID selector.
  • Shift Left rip texture/ shift right rips sculp to prims.
  • Upload gestures notecards lsl wearables free using bulk upload.
  • Right click copybot on radar
  • Bulk upload of temp textures
  • Ripping of all particle scripts in sim or from selected object
  • Local inventory for loading of assets for single session use
  • Ability to use UUID keys in the inbuilt AO
  • Ability to set custom mouselook crosshairs or choose from the list of preloaded crosshairs
  • Avatar target name on mouselook and whether your have them in target
  • Ability to zoom right in using right mouse button and scroll
  • Right click save as inventory backup (assets)
  • Keytool will also inject wearable using the uuid.
  • Sitting detection to radar so you can tell if the faggot is sitting or not.
  • Hexeditor
  • Texteditor
  • Messagebuilder/Messagelog – wingridproxy type intercept read and inject message packets

  • ShoopedLife by: Ap0110
    Download here
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deadpool Offline
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Nice griefing viewer all the way.


Super Webseite ... Danke / Thank You


ty maybe it works


Really appreciate you providing a download link for this viewer. I've been on a search for it for a few hours now. Nice to actually find it! LOL

Summer Offline

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Thanks Ap0110!!!!
Yes, I stole your shit!!! And What!!!???
[Image: anime_girl_sig_by_gameriuxlt-d64aqnz.png]

Ken Yegge

well i want to add to this forum so send me what want and where and how to doit.

oh yeah i got like everything n sl and i make mesh shells to Wink


ok , im not a queen goon sucker .. but i have a real question about this viewer ... don't ban me for my question , i really like this forum and the queen goon forum makes me peeing in my pants ...
we all know that simms is one of the builder of this viewer , with apollo .
Just this question : what is the difference beetween the ganked life viewer and others singularity built with backdoors , we know it , and this viewer ?

I mean , you just want us to trust you ? ... i will , if you can give me some litlle things that will make me sure that i can use this viewer safely ..

I repete i'm not a queen goon MTFC ... i just want to be sure what im using ...

Ap0110 Offline

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This viewer was made specifically for the Patriotic Nigras. This is a Battle Client, with Copy bot features.

Yes, SimmS gave us some sauce to add to the viewer and actually he is a great guy. Its not the developer "SimmS" that's the enemy its the nigga that asked the developer to add backdoors so he can screw his users.

Here at PN we have no use for your worthless info. We target websites, the spreading of Aids from furfags, bronies and Faggots and online games like Secondlife.

Our work has and will always be clean. We are the Pioneers of this shit. Google is your friend.

But, if you scared I heard that Secondlife have a good viewer you can use its trustworthy and free. Its located on their website.

deadpool Offline
Goonsquad Member

Posts: 120
Threads: 106
Joined: Feb 2013
Reputation: 74
SimmS get all the blame but everyone know that Kingasswipe knew about the whole backdoor issue and it was his idea.

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