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Main Thread: GoonSquad starter kit
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Should i be make a new account with extra protection such as proxy/vpn with a different ip address when acquiring this?
Or if i am using DS, just spoofing my Mac and other number is fine?
You don't have to go through all of that, an alternate account is fine. The only reason i prefer they make an alt is so they protect the identity of their main account. Honestly though, it's okay if anyone sends me their main account, I'll still send them the box reguardless. I just don't want to encourage that.

But yes, i do all of the above. It's always a good idea to put as much distance between your identity and your internet persona. VPN's are great for that and if you love your speed paying for one is the most important investments you can make.
Nice pack of stuff you got there @NigronPr1m3 ++rep for encouraging newfags to contribute to the forums
ok thank's
Image is too small. can't see contents at all (even at full size)...

Who are you inworld? It's been awhile since I've been in SL. Not sure I qualify yet but thought I'd check it out all the same. ;-)
Hi everyone I'm so excited and so thank full to you all Smile
hi how do i get the starter kit
Hello you h omandato pm about the starter kit , you can answer please ? :P

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