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GoonSquad Combat/Protection Hud
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@NigronPr1m3 do we still have the GS group in SL? If so, tell Shotta to make you an admin. You can use that group to pass out the HUD to group members and control who gets it and when.
@Ap0110 The group is still idk how actove it is though, Zero has been trying to get Admin on it for a while so she could push out updates. Shotta signs on less and less frequently.
@NigronPr1m3 aight I will create a new one and name it something not so obvious and pass it to you. Of course only use disposable accts when joining. I'm not sure if Lindens still wipe out entire groups like back in the days. However, since I came back it appears that all the Lindens are either, old, fat, lazy or just don't give a damn anymore. Just the way I like it.
I am also interested in if it may be possible to wipe avatars groups with a sim crasher.
I been curious about this. Is this still in the working/doing?
I have been reading about this, but have not seen any recent updates to the topic.
IS this something that still being worked on???
My work had me leave for a couple months. I'm back now so once I get my shit together I'll pick up where I left off.

LL patched a few things. For instance you can't return other people's object by using +100,000 land impact.

This is second on my list of things to do though.
My first priority is going to be pushing out a new version of our Gift box.

>.> I came back with 17 angry messages about not receiving v2 so to make up for it I'll take a few days to sort through a few thousand objects and push out a new version. Then I'll pick up the Hud project again.
Where can you get this hud?
(01-07-2016, 03:02 PM)NigronPr1m3 Wrote: The point of this thread is to act as sort of a checklist and to give updates to those interested.

The Goal is to provide our members with a free Combat Hud that could easily sell for 2,000L$, Advanced enough to rival current top tier huds with features you would not get from any other source.

The GS Hud will utilize every exploit and dirty trick is know.
Some of the more important feature will be the RLV scanner/hijacker and Passive IP grabber with Slogbase (database so you can find people's alts. From those I'll add in some features you wouldn't be able to get otherwise.) Such as:
Parcel Owner features letting ban people from your property via IP.
Droning: an attachment that attempts to get the victim to wear it on their bridge letting you monitor their chat and actions. If all goes will in the future you'll be able to access all drones via our webpage.
RLV hijacking: Full featured interface letting you control anyone with RLV enabled.
RLV Forced IP grabbing: another feature of the drone will be to change the avatars debug settings making them vulnerable to IP grabbing.

This is a work in progress, the features i've finished so far include:
3 types of NPV (Non Physical Vehicle/The most important defensive feature in Rezzed enabled sims): Phantom (doesn't interact with objects and people), Nonphysical (lets you push objects and people), Simfiller NPV (Fills the Sims so no one can build and forces a shorter autoreturn time) all of which have RLV Sitters...
Channel spy 1-30,000: A Script heavy Hud attachment that let's you listen in on commonly used channels.
Online indicator for Anti Copy Botters and Anti Griefers w/kill command.
Linden auto TP out (automatically teleports you out of a sim if a linden apears)
Time stopper (Slows the sim down down detectable)
Rez zone finder with teleport
Teleport to random Sim
Invisibility (you'll still apears on radar but no one will be able to see you)
Orbiter (send your victim sky high)
Permission stealer (basically an animation Voodoo doll)
Sim Cleaner (this is a beast of a Hud attachment that will clear the sim of all physical objects) I made two versions 1 doesn't interact with Avatars. .. sorta... And the other will projectile Avatars any where in the sim. This is good for griefer attacks on your property or just to be a dickhead.
Sim crasher (if you can't win crash the sim)

Things I'm working on that I haven't already mentioned:
5 more NPVs: Wall walker (just for fun), and 2 types of Sim Sweep NPVs, RLV grabber NPV (lmao), Orbit NPV ( a more powerful orbiter)
a low Prim count/low wheighted Graphics crasher to bypass most viewer settings
Basic attacks that are a staple of every combat Hud.
An Advanced particle lagger (a finished version of the particle sim crasher Simms and myself were working on) It is powerful enough to knock slow Internet players offline and give the sim hiccups.. It's not the basic lagger people are used to seeing this one is nasty...
Blah blah cluster attacks (lame ass attacks wine sipping Combat Hud enthusiasts masturbate over)
Force teleport.. That's right bitches I'm bring it back.
Targeted ALL spammer ( hit them with every type of notification and request fast and hard)
God attacks (Nasty self replicating attacks that completely screw up a sim)

I think that about covers all of it, I may have missed a few things.

If have suggestions or want to offer up help post in this thread.

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