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Firestorm Professional version - 4-7-8-49023
[Image: HJx1OZc.png]

Firestorm Professional version 4-7-8-49004
~ For Second Life and OpenSim ~

*Import / Export .OXP as Linkset...
*Import / Export .XML
*Export Collada .dae
*Export / Rip Textures
*Copy / Past UUID
*Bulk Upload
*Copy / Import /Export Animations, Textures, Sounds to Local Inventory
*Sound preview ripping added in inventory
*Ripping buttons added to sound explorer or world drop down menu
*Upload / Download Teaxture List
*Export items from Radar
*Export Avatar from Radar
*Import / Export shape, skin, animation, eyes, notecards and gestures to
*Rip Textures from inspect texture floater to
*Copy all textures and shapes to
*Rip everyons animations - save .antm files from animation explorer.
*AO now accepts uuid notecards also will auto reload them upon login to
*Send objects Off World (destroy)
*Teleport To Safety and rez a platform if you are being griefed
*Force Undeform if you are being griefed
*Mass Delete Region Owned Objects - Theis will delete all items that you own
*Add Particles and Inject particles to prims owned by you
*Rip Particles
*Rip Animated Textures
*Mac/ID0 spoofing

Download -- http://www.mediafire.com/download/5661cf..._Setup.exe
SHA-1:    0a22555283937af580c812a54f8e2e7a82a35756
MD5:    4e78680b8a0b60d08c56f5696412ab3e
CRC32:    76b8d285
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(07-03-2016, 07:55 PM)cupcoup Wrote: I think I'm missing something. I 'goto' the avatar, and use the 'Firestorm Pro' drop down menu and I don't see any Export Avi option. - EDIT: Found it, it wasn't listed as desecribed.

(06-11-2016, 06:14 PM)Minaj Wrote: Find the avatar you want to copy on the radar, right click goto for storm pro drop down and select export avi.
Awesome!!! Nice and smooth...
Thank you cupcoup[Image: ThumbsUp.png]
Yes, I stole your shit!!! And What!!!???
[Image: anime_girl_sig_by_gameriuxlt-d64aqnz.png]
Hi Apollo, The display has a bug when editing the object, moves all the time editing screen, and edit the content leaves, version 4-7-8-49023
how do I spoof with this viewer?
(06-27-2016, 07:48 PM)MrNoob Wrote:
(06-27-2016, 07:33 PM)Apollo Creed Wrote:
(06-27-2016, 07:19 PM)MrNoob Wrote: OK I'm going to keep asking noob questions; Should we uyse this in place of DS? And in DS you ahve to spoof, changing MAC and ID0. Doeds FSPro do that automatically? Are we proetected from using FSPro?

You can use whatever copybot viewer you like DS, Firestorm Pro, Shooped etc... whatevever fits your needs. Mac and ID0 is spoofed automatically. Actually, there is not a specefic need to spoof anymore, unless you plan on running a massive griefing campaign to avoid hardware and ip ban. Keep in mind SL haven't banned anyone this seriously since like 2009. However, Firestorm Pro identifies as Firestorm so it can not be detected as a copybot viewer. Most copybot viewers are detected because the developer chooses to sign their builds and rename the the viewer to their own custom name, therefore, making it identifiable (Namefags). I left the Firestorm name intact so they would have to ban the actual Firestorm viewer to catch or ban a Firestorm pro user.  In conclusion, you will not get banned or identified with any viewer built by me.

Thanks that clears it up for me.... Iassuemd but better to ask. I'm learning, but thank you for the share and your effort!

theyve been purging us for an entire month now, our fault for inviting tizzers into the trump sim. now I'm looking to the squad for halp bro's
I can't seem to get this to lanch past "initialising VFS" after which I get a generic message that says an error had occurred and to close the program.  I have the same problem with Darkstorm.  Does anyone know why and how to fix it?
I've download the latest version and simple prims show up black (created with FSPro) as well as sling hands for example. I still cant upload simple xml files that I already had made; it crashes it.
Yes I too have run into that.  It exports to .xml files just fine but doesn't import them back. However I can use DS and import the firestorm exported file just fine.

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