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Firestorm Professional version - 4-7-8-49023
Apollo Offline

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[Image: HJx1OZc.png]

Firestorm Professional version 4-7-8-49004
~ For Second Life and OpenSim ~

*Import / Export .OXP as Linkset...
*Import / Export .XML
*Export Collada .dae
*Export / Rip Textures
*Copy / Past UUID
*Bulk Upload
*Copy / Import /Export Animations, Textures, Sounds to Local Inventory
*Sound preview ripping added in inventory
*Ripping buttons added to sound explorer or world drop down menu
*Upload / Download Teaxture List
*Export items from Radar
*Export Avatar from Radar
*Import / Export shape, skin, animation, eyes, notecards and gestures to #Local Inventory
*Rip Textures from inspect texture floater to #Local Inventory
*Copy all textures and shapes to #Local Inventory
*Rip everyons animations - save .antm files from animation explorer.
*AO now accepts uuid notecards also will auto reload them upon login to #Local Inventory
*Send objects Off World (destroy)
*Teleport To Safety and rez a platform if you are being griefed
*Force Undeform if you are being griefed
*Mass Delete Region Owned Objects - Theis will delete all items that you own
*Add Particles and Inject particles to prims owned by you
*Rip Particles
*Rip Animated Textures
*Mac/ID0 spoofing

Download -- You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.
SHA-1:    0a22555283937af580c812a54f8e2e7a82a35756
MD5:    4e78680b8a0b60d08c56f5696412ab3e
CRC32:    76b8d285

Gotlib Offline
Elite Member

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Just wonder why some avatar switch on the menu item Firestorm pro/AvExport and others not. Same some mesh clothes for which the "save as Collada" button is dimmed.
Any hints?

hafiz_nagib Offline

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Joined: Oct 2016
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i was looking for that cuz my old rip viewer was a mess with mesh things , thank you so much until i test it tongue 
kiddddding LOL
thank you budy

Froszelol Offline

Posts: 7
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Joined: Oct 2015
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love this viewer, but i used to right click the item i wanted to use as the creator and then import but now i dont see that option? Only importing as myself as the creator

Froszelol Offline

Posts: 7
Threads: 1
Joined: Oct 2015
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Cant edit my own reply for some reason but doesnt seem to be able to import scultps now? Or am i doing something just totally different >_< ive had alot of experience with the older viewers but this seems different, sorry for spam

ml0rtd Offline

Posts: 4
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Joined: Dec 2015
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cant wait to try this version. thank you

HerEnigma Offline

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Joined: Oct 2017
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Thanks ! I been looking for a viewer thats stable with XML import' for large sectors of prims and sculpts' i hope this one will suffice.

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