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ardilla33uae Offline

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Hello everyone, im so glad to join in this forum

GoonSquad Bot Offline

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Welcome to the GOONSQUAD Research and Development. Take a look around and learn. Go out into the Virtualworlds and bring back something nice to share.

See tutorial section before asking questions that may have been answered TUTORIALS

Follow this tutorial for posting on the forum POSTING

You can host your content on the forum up to 10mb by using the attachment option in your post.

If your content is larger than 10mb use POSTAONLINE.RO or MEGA.NZ to host your content.

If you are hosting your content on MEGA.NZ please see this tutorial
HOSTING ON MEGA.NZ it is important to include the key with the link or other users cant download it.

You can grab Firestorm Professional here to backup any content in the game here Firestorm Professional CopyBot Viewer

Summer Offline

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Welcome to the goonsquad family, look through the tutorials, enjoy the forum and share ThumbsUp
Yes, I stole your shit!!! And What!!!???
[Image: anime_girl_sig_by_gameriuxlt-d64aqnz.png]

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