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Removing your avatar name from Collada.dae files.
Minaj Offline
Elite Member

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If you want to remain anonymous while copybotting be sure to remove your avatar name from the coladda .dae file. You can do this in two easy steps I will describe below.

1. In the image below you avatar name will be in the place that is outlined in red.

[Image: 1466304964_u1o9J5gQuxPWyAh.png]

2. In the image below you can see I chaned the avatar name to the name of the item.

[Image: 1466305074_Ia9FzWWjtLAtdZo.png]

If you wish to remain anonymous please follow these steps.

If you are exporting with an avatar you could careless about, disregard these steps and resume copybotting as usual.

IvaIva81 Offline

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How did you opened that text?

Flossy Offline

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Joined: Jun 2016
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(06-20-2016, 04:03 AM)IvaIva81 Wrote: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.How did you opened that text?

With any editors. Dae looking like XMl text file Smile

CosmicInspector Offline
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Things must have changed cos I've checked about 6 .xml files now, both linksets and ordinary .xml export types as well as about 6 .dae files. None of the code has anything relating to either of my inworld accounts. I'm using Notepad and its, "find" function... Can someone confirm?

MrNoob Offline
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I think she is only talking about dad files. I don’t think xml has your personal information

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