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How to copybot and post on the forum with Firestorm Professional
Minaj Offline
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CosmicInspector Offline
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Great little tut thanks for taking the time!

I have a request for an additional two tuts. The first would be how to embed a youtube video such as you have done above, both in posts and in replies.
The second would be how to embed a sketchfab model, if at all possible (I have been having grave difficulties with both) also in both posts and replies.

I'm possitive hese two tuts will come in very useful to new and acclaimed members.

Thanks in advance! Rep earned! Wink

SoDivine Offline

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EcLiPz13 Offline
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i did this exactly, even the name change... .BUT... it's NOT allowing me to upload as a "Rigged" mesh.... there's no option to include "skin weights"

the only way i have ever been able to extract anything "rigged" was from fallowing this from zero

any advice would be fantastic, because once i figure this out, i plan on sharing everything with you guys, because if it wasn't for you goons i would be totally lost!! LOL

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