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Help for Rigging with Blender/Avastar with Dev Kits for Beginner
Fizznut Offline
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I am new to blender and avastar, and I have a couple dev kits, including zerothe10th's maitreya upload. I am wondering how to use the developer kits, I have trouble with youtube videos because I have a short term memory problem that makes it much easier for me to learn through written word than spoken word. I need to know how to upload the mesh clothing to rig it on whichever mesh body I may be using, most likely maitreya as its what I wear. I need to know how to upload my mesh file while I have my mesh avastar up, , how I can properly rig something without distorting too much, and then how to texture it correctly if that will be needed. Please if you could even drop a bunch of youtube videos for me, it would help quite a bit, I am getting the hang of it but I really need to read it in text... though ANYTHING AT ALL will help! Thank you for reading guys.


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