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What's your favorite PC/Console game of all time?
LostAtSea Offline
Elite Member

Posts: 19
Threads: 12
Joined: Aug 2016
Reputation: 7
I'll go first. My favorite Console game of all time is Lunar 1 for Sega CD (Mega CD for those of you outside the US (and maybe a few other places)).

Summer Offline

Posts: 2,224
Threads: 1,153
Joined: Mar 2013
Reputation: 3,363
I really do not have a fav. I just love to try all gaming systems and have funSmile
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MDextreme Offline

Posts: 8
Threads: 2
Joined: Aug 2016
Reputation: 8
Skyrim for me. XD

shvf Offline

Posts: 10
Threads: 2
Joined: May 2016
Reputation: 5
Myst blew my away when it came out.

BossTony Offline
Elite Member

Posts: 8
Threads: 2
Joined: Jul 2016
Reputation: 0
Dota 2 is my favorite game for PC

Dakota Offline
Elite Member

Posts: 91
Threads: 43
Joined: Dec 2015
Reputation: 108
My console fav was Final Fantasy X-2 and my pc fav is (BDO) Black Desert Online... I'm in game everyday like every other hardcore grannie♥gamer.  Wink

SyntaxError Offline

Posts: 2
Threads: 1
Joined: Nov 2016
Reputation: 0
PC- Toss up between the Warhammer 40k Dawn of War series and XCOM/XCOM 2 ( I mostly play alot of RTS games on PC)
PS4 - Uncharted Series (still haven't played 4 yet, have it though)
Xbone 1 - Gears of War series

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