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STILL no Devkit for Aesthetics??
There is still no meshers devkit available for download.. How is this possible? I find it hard to believe that no members on Goonsquad have a store worthy of registration with the developers of the Aesthetics body.

Please ya’ll, if you have a store with custom rigged mesh on it, apply at the link below to get the mesh kit.

 I’ve only had 10K in my account for the past 6 months with no means of adding any more but I am willing to reimburse you the 5k you’ll have to pay them if you would just get off your asses and apply!!! The Aesthetics community is desperate for new content, all the mesh for this body looks the bloody same and I am getting fed up, fast. I've been after the devkit for months now. Time to make it happen!
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[Image: 1461546507_949iVzl9xNUiCCU.jpg]
Here is the problem with that body, It's not as easy as ripping the maiterya body

I, Zero, and Bearded Turnip, tag teamed this body trying to make a dev kit for it, but we all ran into the same problem
This body is retarded.
Sure it extracts in one peice and the weights are there but the body is jacked up.

The bones are all named crazy and .. it's JUST FUCKING CRAZY!
You move the right arm bone and the chest and buttcheeks move
We tried to manually go in and rename the bones and re evaluate the vertex groups to proper bones, and that still doesn't work 100%(with the manually named body parts and correct weights the torso disconnects from the body)

This body is impossible!
Don't get me starte don it's jacked up rest pose
It's not in a traditional A or T pose, it's in some weird ass A pose making the rig even more custom
Like take a look at that tattoo layer thing he has at his store?
The way it's posed that's the body's rest pose. that wrestler come at me bro pose.

The only solution I can possibly think of is that we take the put together body and attempt rigging it with custom weights and hope for the best.
Other than that, I hope one of y'all get approved, because theres no other solution.
(01-30-2017, 08:24 AM)CosmicInspector Wrote:
(12-16-2016, 08:44 AM)ShallNotBeNamed Wrote: I am wanting the dev kit too. The creator of the avatar is as tight as Maitreya... it's stupid

Seems like we'll be waiting a long time to come... In any regard, here is my take on the Maitreya body. I've included both .zip and .rar but they contain the same files. I wanted a cleaner, more accurate representation of the weights than the version Zero provided, the mesh in these files is the exact mesh with the exact same weighted properties as the inworld body. You'll more than likely need to use Blender 2.76b and Avastar 2.0.2 or later to properly rig to these files.

Please be sure to show your gratitude in any way you see fit.

Wishing ya'll all the best for the new year.

This is the latest maiterya lara kit: https://mega.nz/#!wIURnDRb!Vo1YvKPYj7BZ6...bnkAwmfOtk
The weights and accuracy were finally perfected. You can use Blender 2.72+ and Avastar 1 with it.
Downside is that it lacks the bento hands but since it's impossible to extract a blenderable bento model you can't really fault that.
I can say this about his rejection prefrence
-He wont accept anyone who says they use blender for their work enviroment
-Your store has to  be an established brand
-and you need 3 or more years of 3D EX, He won't give it to anyone just starting out.
From the latest I heard they have no intentions of releasing any new versions of the body any longer. As I understand it, the body is as it is and that's it, which is sad to hear.
Had a quick look; seems I've only got the shoe kit for it sorry
bad way to do business and to assure his brand will die is to cut off developers from making clothes to fir the body.

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