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!CS! Alien Eyes Fatpack
vhs-queen Offline

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[Image: 2kwAjve.jpg]

Wearables attached. UUIDs for appliers (haven't tried yet, don't have any mesh eyes... but just incase)

Blue: b98dc11f-2da2-23d4-8b20-8c523fb8f1f5
Green: ca8c8b6e-82c4-5a11-762c-eb8e55e5fe5f
Orange: 699758db-de4b-293a-177f-f886164c3300
Pink: 89ca36ca-8a74-52b9-162d-0f8ad897f988
Purple: b00a2087-3c7c-0e90-7abd-7168a0844513
Red: 4aee042e-6e7c-8241-6076-f58167b491ef
Yellow: 8f4dcb23-d4ad-2938-20a7-659b9f1f3873

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