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Spoofing client version, MAC and ID0 via Debug Settings
HateSymbol Offline
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I made a quick little reply under the FSP thread about this, decided I'd make a little more in-depth guide with pictures due to boredom! So let's get to it, shall we? :3

First off, if you see this:
[Image: 1483441191_VOJyI6afBT6g6Gf.png]

Once that is painstakingly accomplished you should now see this:
[Image: 1483441380_zAMd2TG37f1a34C.png]

Good, we're getting somewhere. Now, with utmost care, place your cursor over the shiny new tab and click it. CAREFUL, don't want to smudge any pixels here. New drop-down menu appears:
[Image: 1483441548_TJuYZLeOH6Eerxx.png]

Now gliiiiide your cursor ever-so-gently down over the Show Debug Settings selection, caress it with a soft click. With that out of the way a wild debug box appears. This, my friends, is the fabled Debug Settings:
[Image: 1483441878_XPDM8tmtc9cQPDA.png]

All silliness left aside, read the tooltip. It explains stuff that nobody should have to. Now that we're here let's get to the real reasoning behind this guide.

----- CLIENT VERSION -----
Once you have your debug box open, in the search type in "SpecifiedVersion". Your options should be now limited down to 4 options as shown:
[Image: 1483442186_4XS0iCasFEniIzO.png]
**THESE ARE NOT IN ORDER HERE IN THE MENU** -- Correct order is: Maj.Min.Patch.Build --

Let's say you want to spoof as the current version of Firestorm which is:
You want to do the following adjustments:

SpecifiedVersionMaj: 5
SpecifiedVersionMin: 0
SpecifiedVersionPatch: 1
SpecifedVersionBuild: 52150

Doing it this way allows you to get over that pesky 3 digit limit on build under the provided spoof option.

----- MAC & ID0 -----
Now with the previous information that you have been given the following images should be sufficient enough to help you in want you're attempting:
[Image: 1483442866_7vuK7WS591oC4bJ.png]
[Image: 1483442887_gohc9qj3JFGznZY.png]

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Hello Guest!! You need to Register or to view the content

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Thanks for the tutorial, It really helped me out!

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