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Questions about rigged meshes, plz help
Makumba666 Offline

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Joined: Dec 2016
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I am new to SL, but otherwise I am a seasoned 3d developer - a geme programmer, namely. I know almost everything about 3d meshes, rigging etc, but sincerely totally confused about SL meshes. So would you be so kind to answer several questions.

1. If I understand correctly rigged mesh means rigged to bones, with weight; and clothing must be rigged too, correct? In such case how UNRIGGED models could be imported and applied to rigged bodies? Namely I've found many topics here on goonsquad containing some clothing pieces (dress, top, bottom) for rigged meshes (May... don't remember the name, Elliza etc.) and those models DO NOT CONTAIN ANY WEIGHTS(!!!). So how they may be used on rigged body meshes? I would consider those topic as errors, but too many similar cloth pieces here. What's the catch?

2. About multi-material objects - some models contain several models that should be applied to a single mesh. If i am correct, to apply such textures to the model one have to use Select Faces and then select different parts of the model. That is what I am trying to do, but if I click ANYWHERE it selects the whole model, instead of a part of the model. Any advice?


jeishi Offline
Elite Member

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1)Yes clothing must also contain weights in order to work properly, the unrigged models your seeing are a result of the earlier and easier ripping process which only pulls out mesh data but no bone or weight data from the application.  This requires you to re-rig them yourself if you'd like to use them, I believe rigged meshes may also be in the VIP section but I'm not sure.
2)This may required reworking inside of another 3d program, it's possible that the multiple materials are stripped out on some exports.  If you import them into your 3d program of choice you can reassign seperate materials to this areas.  To be short, some objects dont always give a 100% resuable export from the progam and may require additional work.

Makumba666 Offline

Posts: 9
Threads: 3
Joined: Dec 2016
Reputation: 0
Thank you very much for clarification.

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