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How do I import animations?
saekhyun Offline

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thanks this helped LOL

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There are multiple ways of importing downloaded animations into SL

Almost all of them cost money so you best be prepared to pay

Before we talk about importing the files in you need to understand the animation formats Second life animations come in the following formats
. BVH , .Anim, and .animatn

Bvh and anim are the default Sl formats supported by legit viewers
.animatn is a pirate format supported by copybot viewers.

You can upload BVH and anim files through Sl's animation importer which is in the build or avatar menu (depending on the viewer you are using) each upload will cost you 10L
\Now I shall explain the difference between the files.

.Bvh is the classic format. When you upload it to SL it allows you to preview the animation and make adjustments, such as how and when it loops, it's priority, and what default(non bento) hand and face expressions you want to play when uploading it.

.Anim is  the next format, this format allows you to upload an animation without previewing it, all th ethings such as priority and expressions are already programmed in and you can not change them.

.Animatn is the pirate format that is identical to the .anim format where as the data is already set instone/ can not be changed however this is the only format that will allow you to do bulk importing.
Of course you need to use a copybot viewer such as darkstorm in order for the bulk feature to accept it, but once it does it will allow multiple uploads at once each costing 10L a peice.

Now if you want to get these animations in on the free the only way to do that is to aquire the UUID of the animation.
if you get the uuid and you find a script that allows animations to be plaid via uuid instead of through inventory, then you can just collect uuids load them up and play without having to pay the 10L fee.

( I don;t have either so please dont ask)

And that my dear is how you import animations, i hope it helped.

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