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Appliers: how?
Churi Offline

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SimiP Offline
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Someone can correct me if I'm wrong. 

Buy or grab the demo (depends on if the "DEMO" is using full textures or not some do but tag a demo prim to it) the original applier creator->copy all the textures->create hud->re-sell in their own store

DerDav Offline

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At this point, everything is Omega friendly and one can get omega applier scripts pretty easily for very little money on the MP or even their own site for pretty much free then simply creating a hud or copying one from their own inventory as an example and putting it all together(hud, applier script - usually no mod, and configuration script - usually full perm). The config scripts pretty much all use UUIDs for both the upper and lower sections of the body while some go even further and have seperate sections for the arms, legs, hands, feet, and head as well all on one configuration script. So all they would need are the scripts and the UUIDs and there you go.

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