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Hello Guest!! You need to Register or to view the content
You can download it from the original source here

BIG THANKS to Gina_43 over at copybot.pro AKA KingGoon for all her time invested in making this tool!

Attached Files
.rar   MSL39.rar (Size: 820.97 KB / Downloads: 341)
Gina is a saint, I cant honestly say that without her and her skill and out KingGoonn cousins( for supporting her in making this) half of what I do wouldn't be possible.
I don't know if anyone from tha tteam will ever see this but. I'm forever grateful.

[Image: 1504745207_pR0oMRFBKWZCTBI.gif]
Thanks verry much... hope this fixes the faces. Smile
Lol, they are not pleased with my sharing the link... Go figure... A bunch of thieving copybotters taking the moral high road! HA-HA-HA! Where is the integrity?

I've contributed so much more positivity than I have negativity yet if course, there is no reward (rep) given towards the positive, only to that which they see as negative... Those whining little shmucks don't even appreciate our gratitude! They need to come visit me in person instead of bitching from behind their computer screens. Ek gee vir hulle sommer 'n poesklap!

Anyway, that's my rant for the year.

[Image: 1504889907_ZsRqZ1eeAH3yzA9.jpg]
Hmm, We don't charge for admission over here, VIP is optional, you don't HAVE to be it if you don;t want to.
Atleast i don;'t think I've been gone for a long time so i don't know how the policy is around here now a days.
But I do know that the link Gina's work was always posted in free to access locations so everyone could use it, after all it is a very important tool and imho very vital to Sl Use, creation, and modification.
I would never hide something so important behind a paywall.

It still bothers me that our cousins still have such a negative view of this place, after all we're all family in the same dark corner of Sl, we should really start working together.
Hee he, since that is justa dream, I would like to apologize.

I may not be anyone of power here, but for what it's worth I'm sorry if we offended Gina and her crew.
this program is amazing, and vital ,I respect her and her work, and I'm sorry if we ofended you.
But no one is making anymoney off this program.
If she wants us to pay her for the work that she has done on this, then that can be arranged( even though I'm broke I think i can work something out, or at least give countless shout outs to her on my channel eh heh heh...)
@Zero is it possible that you make a new video tutorial about this prg

do you know how to fix the error i get when i want to see the texture in the prg ??

and the last question ... when you export a mesh, I export it with texture ... but it saves only the texture and not the normal and specular, and i need that to make te mesh shine.
I use now slcache viewer to get them ... but it is sometimes hard to find with all that texture....

thank You
Unfortunatly I can't :_:
This version has no educational value  and can only be used directly for rip and uploading, Not so much for extracting and researching( the bones and vertex groups don't work in blender)
and If i teach that it'll be a pain in the ass I don't feel like dealing with.

No program ccan replicate the shine of mesh, you;ll have to manually adjust that in the texture panel of your build menu.

You could try extracting the mesh as a static with darkstorm and get all the textures,and slap them into a folder that is what I do when I use this program.
That's why I didn't stay over on that 'other' forum. Seems to have a mighty holy complex. Like hey it's okay to rip off the creators in SL but hey leave us alone. I actually learned how to weight things in blender with my 'legitimate' avastar and share but no more will I participate over there. This is just a quick way to post some shares while I do continue to learn and that is what I see and that they don't play well with others.
Can anyone explain how to use Meshes?

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