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Couples Animations - VISTA - Standard Bachata
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I like how detailed and informative all your post are.  ThumbsUp You can use the forum upload option to uplaod directly to the forum, just incase Mega remove the link.
Truly appreciate your opinion @FatherRodin! I've undergone a lot of trial and error myself in terms of the processes involved, I can only expect others with less experience to face even harsher challenges so in my personal opinion it is vital we invest the time to create simple to follow instructions that can be duplicated into a multitude of uploads.

Thanks for the tip, I have heard of the in-house server but haven’t had the need to use it much less learn how to. MEGA has been nice to me, their "report" feature is pretty weak in any event, it takes a lot of effort to be noticed by them.
no longer there. :thumbsdown:
(08-28-2018, 02:31 AM)MargWest Wrote: no longer there. :thumbsdown:

Thanks for letting us know. Links have been updated and hosted on MEGA.NZ.

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