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Couples Animations - VISTA - Merengue
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<b>Couples Animations - VISTA - Merengue</b><br />

<br />
<b>PLEASE NOTE:</b> The following files are for educational purposes only.<br />
I, nor Goonsquad associates, support or condone the resale of these files.<br />
<br />
<br />
<u><b>Tips:</b></u><list><*>Set priority to 3, activate, "loop / repeat" and set hand position to relaxed.</*><*>If you don't already have a couples HUD, go to the VISTA main store, navigate to the Couples Animation outlet and get the 1L Empty Couples HUD on the board.</*></list><u><b>Instructions:</b></u><list><*>Use the, "Folder" icon in the HUD to select your dances from the menu that appears, not the left and right arrows themselves.</*><*>Press the play button to select someone to dance with.</*><*>Press the play button again after choosing another animation.</*></list><b>PLEASE NOTE:</b> The names of these may have to be changed to include an initial prefix of, "VFD" for females and, "VMD" for males in order to work with the 1L Empty Coupled HUD.<br />
<br />
<br />
<u><b>DOWNLOADING:</b></u><br />
Before downloading from our server please be sure to UNCHECK, "Download Using Our Secure Download Manager".<br />
Non VIP members will be required to wait 15 seconds before the download process.<br />
VIP members will be able to access the direct links as soon as a VIP approaches me.<br />
<br />
<b>Earn your VIP membership by looking for the following info (Usually found near the top of any landing page)</b><br />
<img src=""></img><br />
<br />
.zip<br />
<url href="" option="">DOWNLOAD</url><br />
.rar<br />
<url href="" option="">DOWNLOAD</url><br />
<br />
P.S. Seeking VIPs to post the direct links to the VIP section! I will supply the descriptions, the direct links and the crediting image below. Please contact me via an IM if you feel up to the task.<br />
<img src=""></img>

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