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Changing Creator Name for 2017
Khalina Offline

Posts: 7
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Joined: Sep 2017
Reputation: 3
So I've done some searching around and haven't quite found anything with an updated answer. I do apologize if this is in the wrong area or if I haven't contributed enough yet to be able to ask. I am working hard on trying to figure everything out so I can contribute more consistently. QUESTION TIME!

When importing an item back into SL, it shows the importer's name as the creator. What I am curious about is how to have that creator name be different. I've seen the post where it says how to do it with eXtinction, which I have but do not have a key for. I have also seen more recently people saying that they would get a seperate prim with the creators name on it and then linking? I have no idea how to do that and haven't seen a tutorial on how to do so. (Again, I apologize if I have missed this post. I did search quite a bit but I may am not perfect. It may have been overlooked.) 

If anyone has any further information on this, it would be GREATLY appreciated. Like I said before, as I get better at this, I will be contributing when I can as I have done so far but have had some mistakes along the way.

Thank you in advance.

noway hozee Offline

Posts: 43
Threads: 3
Joined: Aug 2017
Reputation: 37
he hello, that linking with a prim don't work, if i do a inspect with firestorm i still can see the owner of child in a linkset.

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