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LCKY Full Store Rip (Rigged mesh hair)
Drebin Dubious Offline
Goonsquad Member

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[Image: 1513967709_KNaSyDPxiF7bchq.jpg]
You read it right this is a post of LCKY full mesh hair,
Hold on there!
Before you upload it somethin' you need to know first!
It's already rigged, and ready to wear, but I would suggest doing some work to it in blender before uploading it directly to sl.
For example you may want to pick up a copy of sparkles and avastar and do a little cleaning.
Join it, Run it through sparkle's UV copy to correct the texture failure
Decimate it ( if the tricount is too heavy) Press W and remove the doubles( Because everything exported from Sl has doubles)
Separate it by materials to make it easier to apply textures to it. (Press tab to go into edit mode, then press A to select it all, then press P and select"By material")
When it's all broken up by material slots you can easily select the demo slot and remove it , this will save you some money during the upload.
Another thing worth mentioning, is that there are textures included but they are the demo textures.
Each hair is unique with it's texturing and i DID NOt feel like sitting there extracting every single texture for every hair.
SO! it's up to you to grab the demo of the hair you like and put the texture on there for your specific hair color. Enjoy!4RMgSKBB!Qi2l4up787pjMc_IlsPF-l-RRyKjhPf6jA2O8WXcOEA

AmeliaOver Offline

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Got it thank you! 

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Here's a clickable link LOL 

Awesome resource thank you! 

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