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Making good hair out of demos
lakanooki Offline
Goon Member Rank #2

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Most of you have probably already figured this out but I've had fun today making a bunch of demos I had into wearable hair.
A lot of hair makers have 4-6 hair textures they use, they just change the color/tint. These textures work with almost all of their hair designs. That's why every style comes in the same colors. So all you need is one of their designs in the color you want, grab the textures out of it. Take the demo in whatever color and export it, then import it and you can remove the demo sign and apply the textures you want. Would it be easier to just export the one you want? Yes but that isn't always an option. You can always get a demo of the style you want in some color, so make it work.
Hope that helps somebody.


Thanks for teh tip, but i am so new in SL that i don´t know how to detach the mark on the top of the head... i use soalr storm viewer.

can you help again?


lakanooki Offline
Goon Member Rank #2

Posts: 161
Threads: 71
Joined: Apr 2013
Reputation: 40
Once you xml import the demo you have full control over it. If it imported correctly then it's all linked together properly. Do not unlink the whole thing, there are 70 -150 prims in a normal head of hair. Right click and edit, then check "Edit linked parts", then left click the demo sign up top. It should be highlighted blue at this point. Go to the Build drop down menu and click "unlink" this will unlink just that prim and not the whole thing. When it unlinks it should change to highlighted yellow. Root prims are highlighted yellow. Naturally, if something is a single prim then it is the root prim. Once it is yellow you can delete it. Always remember "Edit linked parts" and "Select Face" are you best friends and will help you from screwing something up beyond repair. However, if you screw up just re-import and start over.

There are many different ways of editing and building so if you find an easier way then go with it. This is just how I do it, others may better advice.

Zasha Offline
Girlfriend Goon

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Thanks, gonna try this !

CocoCurious Offline
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Ready to learn this one. works in all Open Sims?

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