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basic questions from a forum noob

I was told that sharing could get the key for darkstorm to dl regions?
I have a SHITLOAD of items I have bought in sl and downloaded to my computer, including most of the Arctic greenhouse build kits. Shitloads of sculpteds and textures out the left ass. as well as full XML files with textures (to be able to load to other worlds instead of just plain XML files). I had seen somewhere that you can get VIP key with sharing, but need a bit more info on it.
Also as I mostly use darkstorm/gankedlife/incognito, which is the best for sharing on here, since I can only import certain xml's with the viewer they were ripped with. Need to know which are good/bad and why.
am willing to share everything I have. As for the sculpteds, I have them all in folders with their respective textures that don't have XML files with them if this is OK too? I'm compulsive about backing everything up from SL.

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