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Ohh, the sticky questions I have...

SmileHello everyone!!!!

Okay now that's done I have a few questions.Pudently

1. I am using ShoopedStorm with my Alt. and I spoof my cred. The question here is. Is it safe for me to log in with my original avie? or do u guys advise against it?Nerd

2. I was researching online about this new Oynx viewer that is said to have hack unlimited uploads and some sort of God Power, I.E. money in ur account out of thin air? Does this even exist??I do have it but its pw protected smh....Crying

3rd n final question... Is there a such thing as a money hack for Sl or is that just something they put on utube and then u get virus? cause I have one.... of course can't get it to work...Furious

thanks for reading my questions hope someone has answers!

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