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Creator Name Fix
InigoMontoya Offline

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So how do you get rid of that pesky creator name?

It's simple if you are using the extintion viewer.


You must have a full perm object that does not have you as the

0n the toolbar, push the "eXtintion" button,
fhen open up the "Copybot" tab.

Follow the instructions on that tab and drag your full perm dummy
object to the tab.

Once object is loaded into the tab select how you want the dummy
full perm object to be used.

Use when importing or Use within the build tool.

Once you select the box you want, close the menu and upload.

And finally:
The item uploaded should have the same creator name as the full
perm object used.

Copied from a post by ZeroThe10th! Thanks Zero!

ZeroThe10th Offline
Sleeping in Cyberspace

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No problem boss
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fuckoff123 Offline

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So how do you do it on Darkstorm?

lilith969 Offline
OlD ScHoOl

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(12-10-2015, 09:20 AM)fuckoff123 Wrote: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.So how do you do it on Darkstorm?

I'm wanting to know the same thing. How do you do this with Darkstorm?
[Image: 1461546507_949iVzl9xNUiCCU.jpg]

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