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DarkStorm v3.0.2 - 24022014
DarkStorm v3.0.2 - 24022014

-- Windows SecondLife (Havok) Version -> Download
-- Windows Opensim Version -> Download

-- Linux SecondLife (Havok) Version -> Download
-- Linux Opensim Version -> Download

IMPORTANT!! Install this build as a CLEAN INSTALL ***
if you have problems uninstal, delete the darkstorm/settings folder and reinstall

advice: change DS system folder on Login Spoof (#Darkstorm)

UPDATE v3.0.2:
- FIX AO not works fine
- FIX OpenSim release identifies "" version viewer
- FIX Multiperms nor works
- FIX HPA import works
- FIX OpenSim release with grid manager
- NEW menu pie Object
- ADD inventory copy Asset UUID

- update repository new Firestorm
- unlock save as collada(.dae) / linkset(.oxp)
- Pretend inventory now is
folder inside #(DSSystemFolder)
- other minor changes & some bugs fixed
- more soon ....

If you have problems, try delete settings & cache folders:
/Users/<user>/Library/Application Support/Darkstorm

Huge thanks to WishMOFO for the update!!!
Page 6 (The above is first post of this thread)
Hello Guest!! You need to Register or to view the content
can copy script ???
as ever, ty for keeping this viewer updated - you guys rock
Looks good, imma try it.
Thanks a lot in advance! (since I didn't try it yet, lol)
¿Alguien sabria decirme si con este visor u otro se pueden copiar Scripts? Gracas
thank you kind sir
i might be coming back online soon so getting all my old software upto date XD look forward to seeing what new challenges are out there
[Image: 174576_138600926198929_5528847_n.jpg]
Thank you i will try it
Can this Viewer Read .rar files?
Thanks for share itThumbsUp

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