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Sim Crasher | Sim Crash | Crash a Sim Spamming
I don't know if I can post a way to crash a Sim but I know people always look these kind of things so I'll do it.

This script works doing lot of http request to google.com and spam the result on a channel
This make sim crash in about one minute after you activate it.

Follow this istructions:

1 - Open your inventory and create a new script. Modify it and delete the base "Hello Avatar!" script inside of it. Paste this:

PHP Code:
llListen(77""llGetOwner(), "on" );
listen(integer channelstring namekey idstring message)

llHTTPRequest("http://www.google.com", [], "Fuck");
http_response(key request_idinteger status, list metadatastring body)

2 - Save this script and copy and paste it more and more up to 200 equal scripts ( do it in a folder )
3 - Go to a sandbox and create a object
4 - Insert the 200 equal scripts inside the object inventory
5 - Make the object transparent or very small or both
6 - Do a copy of that object and link the copy with the original
7 - Take the linked object and replicate that object 25 times in your inventory (do it in a folder )
8 - Go to the sim that you want to crash
9 - Add every object to a different body part ( the first to head, the second to nose etc etc. ) 25 should be fine
10 - Write this in local chat: /77 on
11- Wait about a minute


- I advice to digit /77 on when you're alone or in the sky because sometimes people can understand that you're causing the crashing.
- With all that object attached to you the teleport don't work. You can crash into the teleport.
- This script works of course in region where scripts are allowed. If you want to crash a land where the scripts aren't allowed try to move around in that region, look for a parcel where the scripts are allowed and to this trick here.
- If you want modify this script you're welcome, be creative.
- If you need some explanations or clarifications just ask me.

I am aware that this is not a good method to crash a sim. There are lot of methods easier, with just one script but this is the only one that I found working so i thought that it should be nice share it with you.

Happy Crashing!
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help me pls
hello does this still work
Going to give it a try thank you Smile
lol this doesnt work mah dude.
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