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Important FAQ ( With pictures!)
ZeroThe10th Offline
Sleeping in Cyberspace

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------So we're here to answer some common questions we the GoonSquad admins often get, so we're gonna answer them and save some time---
[Image: a2ztac.gif]

[Image: 35227py.gif]
1. What is the GoonSquad?

[Image: 261luoh.gif]

A: We are a group of awesome creators and scripters who want to experience Second Life and other worlds to the fullest, even if it means breaking a few rules.

[Image: jb47d5.gif]
Asking this is like asking if you can use a McDonalds coupon at Burger King. Cant be done, won't be done and you'll be laughed at for asking.

[Image: 2v1u8sw.gif]
But seriously no. If you want to be a VIP here you have to buy a Goonsquad VIP pass.

[Image: 35227py.gif]
2. So you guys use Copybot viewers? Can't you get banned for using those?

[Image: 261luoh.gif]
Only if you get caught. Most copybot viewers have a stealth feature built in so it will register as a normal viewer. As long as you keep up and take the proper security measures. You can keep yourself hidden and use the viewer as much as you like.

[Image: 35227py.gif]
3.But Copybot viewers.. I heard people can steal your password and information.
[Image: 2vlurkn.gif]
That is actually true, there are some viewers that have backdoors and will allow people to steal your information.

[Image: 29bbj7.gif]
BUT! that is not a problem here!

[Image: 261luoh.gif]
We have a team of Scripters, and viewer devs who scan and screen each viewer that is added on to this site. If it is backdoored/ or has viruses it WILL NOT be added to this site.
So! you can use all the viewers here without worries.
[Image: 2djugz7.gif]
Of course if you are still worried you could always use an ALT account on the Copybot viewer and keep your Main safe.

[Image: 35227py.gif]
4. Okay, okay. So I have a copybot viewer but.. isnt that bad for Secondlife?
Like it totally hurts the economy and the creator's right?

[Image: 2wnwgw1.gif]

[Image: ek1a1l.gif]
If I may interject for a moment

[Image: ru1j7p.gif]
People always say that copybotting hurts Second life that it kills the game and the creator's spirit.
However I don't see that to be the case.
Lets take a look at second life during it's heyday during the 06-whever the hell Mesh came on to the scene.

[Image: ru1j7p.gif]
During the height of copybot usage people were creating things in droves. There was lots of creativity, and diverse objects. Why? because copybots allowed people to rip this or that part to make something new. or take the skin from that and make it exotic.

[Image: 2z5pzq0.gif]
When mesh came along and the old viewers weren't able to extract mesh like prims/sculpts the second life creative pool took a huge dip. People werent able to create like they used to, and only those who were properly schooled in the arts of 3d modeling dominated the market. Which caused them to be unrivaled and able to charge whatever they want, and be unopposed by it.

[Image: 30bl9y1.gif]
Creators who tried to stay in there were forced to use templates the dominate ones created which created a flow of duplicated items on the marketplace and SL.
Don't believe me look at hair on the marketplace, it's all the same thing, the same for dresses, and shoes. Everything is the same because everyone is using the same thing.

With Copybots the hay day of creation can and will come back, and that is what we strive for at the Goonsquad.

[Image: qytjbt.gif]

[Image: 261luoh.gif]
Well That's all the questions for now, if you have more feel free to ask them and we'll answer them as soon as possible.

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Melanie Offline

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Hello Guest!! You need to Register or to view the content

sinnerslayer Offline

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Nice FQ, thanks for da information.

PandaExpress Offline

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lol the pictures killing me. thank you for the information

dudewot Offline
Elite Member

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YEET! Smile Smile solid info and great FAQ page

vhs-queen Offline

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(05-07-2015, 02:38 AM)ZeroThe10th Wrote: Don't believe me look at hair on the marketplace, it's all the same thing, the same for dresses, and shoes. Everything is the same because everyone is using the same thing.

I've seen this so much. It always stumped me - how could two (or 17) different creators be selling the exact same mesh? I tried to get this Rezology Star Wars Rey Hair on the Marketplace but couldn't find the demo. But I did find the exact same mesh on Wasabi Pills which did have a demo on the Marketplace. It definitely bugs me that all of these creators can profit from the SAME thing. This is one of the many reasons I have no problem Copybotting.

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