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Avastar 1.5.9 / Sparkles 1.5.9
Avastar 1.5.9 / Sparkles 1.5.9 (.RAR file)


To install:
1.Unpack the .RAR file but do no further unpack the .ZIP files.
2.open blender, navigate to File -> User Preferences
3.Navigate to Add-Ons -> Install from file
4.Point to the Avastar*.zip or Sparkles*.zip and install it
5.Search for "Avastar" or "Sparkles" in the list of modules and Activate the module just installed (tick the box).
If this is an update the module may appear active already. Leave it that way.
Also ignore warnings about the use of a release candidate of Blender.

Latest Blender (2.74) can be found at:

(It was released on 31 March 2015 and Avastar has been adapted to custom normals, a new feature in Blender 2.74)
A massive release of a test build for v2.75 is already being prepared though.
Thank you for the updated Sparkles.
mucho gracias
Thank you for Avastar :Party::Party:
Thank you for Sparkles
tried so many maybe this one...
Thanks will test it
Really needed this so I can finally rig an avatar, hoping to share soon. Thanks!
Thank you for Sparkles... :D
This version does not work
I have used previous versions but this avastar version whines on the same files that ith ad no trouble with before.
thank you for avastar and sparkles
ThumbsUp thank you so much[/b]
Cheers! Hopefully this works still Smile

Dead links sadly :(
Updated link: https://mega.co.nz/#!BQlihCra!lR9ggTDhZo...AMraloo74E
Page 9 (The above is first post of this thread)
Thumbs Up 
Hello Guest!! You need to Register or to view the content
thanks  Smile
shape key transfer isnt working for me in blender 2.79
Thumbs Up 
thankk youuu
dead links
New here!  Hugs everyone!

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