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Old Skool version (Singularity / Phoenix)
Ap0110 Offline

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Hello Guest!! You need to Register or to view the content

Falcons Offline
Senior Goon
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Thank you for this great contribution. teacher
I will prove that this is?

ZeroThe10th Offline
Sleeping in Cyberspace

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This viewer is so wonderful
Not only is it based in phoenix( the best viewer of all time) but it has singularity's updated controls!
I'm getting an amazing frame rate and graphics.
[Image: s4amat.png]
But that's not even the best part!
Mesh extraction! OmG!!
This puts the one in EX and DS to shame!
You can export mesh as easily as you would prims.
This new Extractor saves in both DAE and OBJ and saves all the textures at once, so when you go to upload the mesh to SL you can just push the INCLUDE TEXTURES button and they'll all upload on the mesh!
No more UUID hunting, no more guesisng what went where. THIS IS THE BEST VIEWER EVER
Ahhhhuuugghhhh, I'm so happy U////U
[Image: bj6cr8.jpg]

LeD0GG Offline

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Oh God Thanks !!!

rayni Offline

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Awesome, hopefully i shall learn more!

Goliath63 Offline
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This looks pretty incredible.

manolo89 Offline

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tiene buena pinta
voy a ver que tal funciona y te dire

gran trabajo

letoox Offline

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cool... thank you

replay915 Offline

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Joined: Jul 2014
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look nice i test it

Infinit3 Offline

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looks awesome, thanks!

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