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Slink Physique Kit Male and Female September 2015
EzequielM Offline

Posts: 16
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Joined: Oct 2015
Reputation: 18
[Image: phys-large-hourglass.jpg]

[Image: Physique%2BMain%2BAd%2BSmall.png]
Hello everyone, this is my first post at this forum but i hope it'll be usufull.
Here i brings you the Slink Physique Kit from September 2015. Particulay i can use it yet since i use 3DS Max for meshes and i wasnt able to export the rigged from this kit to FBX right. So i hope it'll be helpfull for those using Blender.

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PD: If any kind soul can pass it to Max and make it work, please let me know

Best Regards

caligulas_horse Offline
Elite Member

Posts: 112
Threads: 3
Joined: Dec 2015
Reputation: 24
I'm looking forward to giving this a shot. Thanks for the share!

gameofhorez Offline
Elite Member

Posts: 10
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Joined: May 2016
Reputation: 0
Yay! Finally ! Thank you bunchess

Bivvia Offline

Posts: 5
Threads: 2
Joined: Jan 2017
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thank you!!

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