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avastar2.0-2-75.zip (NEWEST Avastar release as of Dec 22, 15)
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Hmmm, i was holding off on this on the site, since it's still in beta, granted it's out but I worry they'll lock it out when the final ver
NICE! Thanks!
cool.. will have to give this one a try
thank you, there should be tools for adding new bones for future update of SL that already testing on aditi.
awesome man you rock like a rock who rocks on the rocks!!
I just got the 1.6 a week ago, but thanks so much! I love this forum - Ill have to give back ASAP
COOL stuff !!!!! thanks so much! I love this forum
Shot a lot! Rep earned!ThumbsUp

For those who forgot how to install Add-Ons:

1 - Download the Zip file to your location of choice.
2 - There's NO NEED to unzip so leave as is.
3 - Start up Blender.
4 - Navigate to File --> User Preferences.
5 - Proceed to the “Add-Ons” Tab.
6 - Click “Install from File…” near the bottom.
7 - Navigate to the location you chose to save the Zip file.
8 - Select the Zip file with a single click.
9 - Click “Install from File…” near the top.
10 - Select the zip file and click on “Install Add-On…”
11 - In the Add-Ons Tab search for “avastar”.
12 - Enable it using the check box on the right (next to the "Jipee-yay" fello)
13 - Click "Save User Settings" near the bottom.
14 - Check to see if you followed the steps correctly by navigating to Add --> Avastar --> "With Tris" / "Only Rig".
15 - Jump for joy and pray there aren't any nasty bugs! =]]

Everything seems to be working just fine with the new Blender v2.76b.. Avastar and Blender are now rigging far more accurately than the previous Avastar 1.1 & Blender v2.70a combination I had been accustomed to, they boast many more features to aid in the process and Avastar is laid out in a far more convenient manner.

However, for some reason Avastar seems to have forgotten about the, "pectoral group" when selecting "Fully Fitted". The avatars pectoral shape changes but my RigSuit does not... Guess it's not such a train smash, bit of manual work never killed any of us...

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