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MayaStar Rigging System for Fitted Mesh & Regular Mesh
Ap0110 Offline

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[Image: MayaStar_4.4.jpg]

MayaStar 4.4 is here for both PC and Mac!!!MayaStar is a plugin rigging system for Autodesk Maya. It works with Maya 8.0 through 2015. It should work with Maya 7 and earlier but one Maya Binary file will have to be adapted so send me Cathy Foil a notecard if you have an earlier version. Much of MayaStar will work with Maya LT but there are limitations since Maya LT is a limited version of Maya. Feel free to contact me first if you are using Maya LT.New in MayaStar 4.4:

1. You can now make animations and poses with MayaStar! You can wear your mesh clothes or accessories you made and create custom animations and poses for them! Appearance Editor Sliders work while animating as well.

2. BVH exporter added.3. New male avatar skin texture so now he isn't wearing a bikini top or makeup.

Fixed: Male Fitted Mesh Avatar. Male avatar upper body was not accurate in MayaStar for fitted mesh. I fixed it so now what you see in Maya using MayaStar is now what you see in SL. I say it is about 97% to 98% accurate. I also updated the weights of the male avatar mesh used to transfer the Fitted Mesh weights from.New in MayaStar 4.3:

1. Specially designed four avatar meshes to copy or transfer the weights from to your mesh clothing. This will do 90% or more of the work of rigging for you in just a minute or two.Two avatars are for Fitted Mesh and two are for regular rig mesh that is rigged to just the mBones / Normal Bones for female and male clothes.

2. New "Body Type" fitted mesh system. Fitted Mesh will never be the one size fits all clothing solution. With my Body Type system you basically rig your clothes once and then use the Auto Mesh Resizing feature in MayaStar to reshape your clothes to three Body Types quickly so you can cover more avatar shapes than just rigging to the default avatar shape with only minor weights adjustments needed.Female body shapes are Waif, Hourglass & Voluptuous. Male body shape are Cyclist, Swimmer and Bodybuilder.FEATURES:

1. Appearance Editor Sliders and all bones including Collision Bones respond to them as they do in SL.
This mean way easier rigging and weight adjustment process. No more having to upload your mesh to see how it will look.
2. Set of Animations so you can see your mesh move! Male and Female walk, run, sit and more.
3. Interactive Skin Bind now possible.
4. Change effortlessly between Centimeter avatar and Meter size avatar. The avatar in SL is actually 100 times larger than the skeleton and avatar mesh and OBJs provided by Linden Lab.
5. Automatic Mesh Resizing: You can now use MayaStar to resize your mesh clothes to the 5 Standard Sizes for regular rigged mesh clothes or to any custom shape using the Appearance Sliders.
6. Windows and Mac compatible.
7. MayaStar can be used to rig Fitted Mesh or regular rigged mesh.
8. Change to any Custom Bind Pose you want without having to "Detach Skin" of your mesh.
9. I will be adding series of videos on YouTube showing how to use each feature step by step in the next week or two. 1/31/2015
Here is a link to my YouTube page:
10. Free UpdatesUser Licensing Agreement:
By purchasing my MayaStar system you agree to not share or give away, in part or whole, copies of Maya files or links. You are free to create your own Fitted Mesh objects and upload them to SL or any other grid or open sim using my MayaStar System.Only those who have purchased MayaStar will be allowed to become members of the MayaStar Liquid Mesh Support Group.I want to give special thanks to all my testers whose testing, feedback and advice has really helped MayaStar become so much better.
I hope I don't forget anyone. If I did please give me a gentle reminder. Please check out their stuff they are all wonderful creators.

Marcthur Goosson ( M&M Creations )
Kimmera Madison ( Tres Beau Designs )
Zed Tremon ( Twice Baked )
Karl Reisman ( Tumansky heavy Industries )
Sloan Drammond
Morja Tänzerin
Kattington Resident ( soonsiki hair )
Candela Kira ( Runaway )
Tyr rozenblum ( Foxes By Birdy & Alchemy )MayaStar is not in anyway associated or connected with Avastar.


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FleurLaFleur Offline

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I'm just learning Maya...Thank you LOL

AppleBlossom Offline

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Thank you! I've subscribed to your youtube channel.  I'm just starting to learn how to mesh properly! LOL

casijuzaku Offline

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is this the free version

missbigbooty1 Offline

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Thank you!

Gani Offline

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Hey Thank you , I'm student in 3D and i use maya i thinks for creat in SL mayastar it's done for me but not sure haha so thanks Smile

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