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AnimAlive - Seduction Full Scene Victory
datteh Offline
Goonsquad Member

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[Image: gxSXmH6.jpg]

Elo Fello Goons! Dropping this pack of the full animation scene/sequence by AnimAlive called "Seduction Full Scene - Victory". Good stuff that'll set u back 2k lindens getting it off the market. Anyhow I've included some useful data to anyone looking to recreate the item in-world. 

File Info: 
The animations come in both "animatn" and bvh format seperated in different folders. The filenames are structured like this "GenderSeqNum-uuid.animatn".
If you're looking to recreate the rug or put the animation sequence in some other object you'll need to setup the scripts yourself. I have however included the seduction mesh rug if you wish to use this. 
Furthermore, inside this pack you'll find two textfiles, "position_dumps.txt" contains the male and female position/rotation coordinates relative to the rug in-world. This will save you time when you setup the animation script. Next you'll see "sequence_repeats.txt" this tells you which animations are repeated in the sequence. As you'll notice there are gaps in the sequence numbering. Don't worry the animations arent missing, its due to the fact that they're repeats of previous animations. "sequence_repeats.txt" contains that information. For example, if u see this line in the file: m27+m29
it means that animation m27 is the same as m29 in the scene/sequence.

Alrite that should be all, hope you enjoy it!

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Anne Offline

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Thank you!

ws6967 Offline

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Thanks a lot for the share

sam8ennerve Offline

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Thank you let's see what it is.

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