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Help: Importing mesh
ZeroThe10th Offline
Sleeping in Cyberspace

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So you stole a bunch of mesh and now its time to import it ^_^

Before you can import anything you'll need to get the proper permissions from SL in order to do so.

To do so you'll need to take the IP test and have payment info on the record

Actually there are two IP Tests you'll need to take one for the main grid and one for the betagrid.
Main Grid:
Beta Grid:
It's the same test and the answers can be found here:

As for the Payment info this is weird because I've found that some of my alts who arent connected to my main characters now have payment info on file.. as well as one of my new alts O_o
But when I made a new one it didn't have payment info on file, so maybe it's like the age register thing SL had if you have an avatar long enough it just says you have payment info on file, or maybe SL is just bad at book keeping .*shrugs*

Anyway so say that glitch above didn't work for you and you need payment info, but you don't want to use your rl info.

Well there is sort of a way around that.
(Warning this is just what I did for my alt)
Create a paypal account>
Go to this website and get one of theses cards
The card will be mailed to you but it will tell you all the info for the card so don't close the screen right away. Keep it open and copy the data, if you miss it you'll have to wait for it to come in the mail.
Use the info you get from the page to upgrade your paypal account/ Attach a card and bank account to it.
This will make it authorized.
Attach your Second life to that authorized paypal.
Once SL accepts your Paypal, take the test and you'll be able to upload mesh.
You can cancel the card and remove the paypal, the payment info is just a one time thing and you won't be punished for removing it.

Lets upload some mesh!
Okay you're going to go to the mesh upload menu and select your mesh file.
Second life will only accept .DAE files not OBJ
So when prompted select your .DAE file for this tutorial I'll be using a rigged mesh dress I made.
[Image: iyokrl.jpg]

Once your mesh is accepted you'll see a upload preview.
and the level of detail tab will be opened first.
You will see the following
and some values.
The values are the level of detail for each mesh setting
Basically the more numbers the more detailed the mesh will look on those settings.
of course the more detailed each setting is the more money it's gonna cost to upload, also the Land impact number will be higher
So what do we do?
Fun fact on that most if not all of the people with mesh viewers only see.
High and Med, Low and lowest are almost never used.
So with that said turn the value on those two to "0"

Onto the next page.
[Image: 2akd5ch.png]

We are going to skip the Physics menu
Only buildings/Houses will need physics.
If you exported your buildings/house in DAE the all/most of the Physics were already saved so you don't need to create more.
**( This is like 50/50 always test on the betagrid first)

Okay moving on.
The next page Upload Options.
In this window you'll see some options
Include texture- I can't really explain how that one works since I never got it working

Include skin weight- If you have a mesh that has been weight painted/or rigged you will be able to select this option.

Include Joint position- If you made a mesh that has a custom shape that is different from the default second life skeleton , IE a rigged mesh horse, or Micro Avatar you would want to select this option.

If you are just uploading a mesh outfit or normal mesh avatar you do not need to click the joint position. If you're unsure test it out on the beta grid.

When you finished the preparation click the Calculate weights and fee button
When it's done calculating
you'll be prompted with the final cost of the upload.
[Image: f9ei2q.png]
If the land impact is still too high you can try lowering the scale in the Upload Options tab and if it's still too high then well, that's all you can do in this menu besides modifying the mesh in a 3d program to lessen it's impact
( Don't ask how to do that I really don't know =_=)
Well that just about covers it for importing mesh, i hope this tutorial helped and if you have any suggestions for other tutorials, I'll try my best to write one up.
Enjoy byyeee!

Page 3 (The above is first post of this thread)
Gotlib Offline
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Hello Guest!! You need to Register or to view the content

loni03 Offline

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Smashingly Fantabulous Tutorial. Thanks for sharing.

uninflammable Offline

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I followed this guide and the skin weights option is greyed out. What do I do?

Tahoe Sands Offline
Elite Member

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(08-02-2016, 11:05 PM)shvf Wrote:
(10-29-2014, 01:15 PM)CocoCurious Wrote: Thanks , I tried to import several times the mesh just sits on my right hand Cry

Could be that you didn't select the weighting, or more likely the mesh isn't rigged.  usually that option is greyed out if the mesh isn't rigged.

I have run into the same problem...  I saved some nice swim trunks as a DAE file and save the textures separetely. When it came time to import the "mesh model", I noticed that the "Include skin weight" check box was grayed out. I went ahead and uploaded the object and applied the texture. It looked just like the original, but it was attached to my right hand. I tried attaching it to my pelvis and I could get it in the general area that it should have been in, but it didn't fit at all...  My stomach and butt stuck out over the waist band (muffin top), unlike the original.

Can it be "re-rigged" or fixed somehow? I can't really share it with the group if it doesn't fit properly. I really need some help with this step of the process.

Tahoe Sands

Tahoe Sands Offline
Elite Member

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Since I got your attention, I have run into a few more things I need help with. Specifically, applying textures and multiple textures. I saved (swiped) a piece of "art" that had 4 textures, 2 of the textures are for the object itself and the other 2 textures are for the "stand". I was able to upload the mesh model with no difficulty, but I have no idea how to add and position the multiple textures. I hope I don't have to scale down each texture and use offsets to position them. That would be a major pain in the ass. Smile

satintights Offline

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(08-28-2014, 10:57 PM)ZeroThe10th Wrote: So you stole a bunch of mesh and now its time to import it ^_^
Excellent Tutorial Zero.
I've managed to import the DAE but how do I apply textures that I've downloaded to the mesh in SL


DarkPopsicle Offline

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If this helps anyone, don't check anything in the preview boxes. I kept getting the "attaches to hand" issue until I read this trick. I ALWAYS have at least 'textures' checked under the preview box, but now they import flawlessly (usually)!

Crackpot Offline
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Great information. Had a look at some of your videos, but a heap more to watch. A great job indeed.

Ana Karen Offline

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[Image: 2evxm45.png]

I can't select the option What am I doing wrong? 

No puedo seleccionar la opción ¿Qué estoy haciendo mal?  Cry

Alias Offline

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Super helpful. Thanks!

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