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Maitreya Lara tutorial with dev kit
RiderLibertas Offline

Posts: 10
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Joined: Mar 2016
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Thanks so much to Zero for the Maitreya Lara tutorial and dev kit!  I'm trying to make some clothing for it and am running into a problem with weighting.  Whenever I change a shape slider to test weighting the body turns and distorts slightly.  The bones, head, hands and feet stay but the body itself seems to turn 270 degrees but not exactly on center of the z axis and it changes size slightly and the neck goes out of alignment.  If I turn the clothing it no longer fits.

Am I doing something wrong?

Fiona Meads Offline

Posts: 14
Threads: 1
Joined: Jun 2016
Reputation: 0
Thank you!  What a huge help!ThumbsUp

shvf Offline

Posts: 10
Threads: 2
Joined: May 2016
Reputation: 7
This is a very good kit.

Lolo Offline

Posts: 25
Threads: 11
Joined: Sep 2016
Reputation: 76
(07-13-2016, 02:21 AM)travis233 Wrote: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.I can't find the Alter to Rest pose when I'm about to rig the mesh to the bones. I am running blender 2.72b and avastar 1.7.0. Someone please help me D: !!Cry

it's in the avastar tab, under the "bind to armature" button (the last box)

sueastside Offline

Posts: 2
Threads: 1
Joined: Nov 2016
Reputation: 0
i was wondering since im not really a blender user has anyone come up for a soulution on making it possible to transfer it over to Maya ? sorry if this has been asked before but working in blender is rather hard for me LOL

daxxx Offline

Posts: 8
Threads: 3
Joined: Jul 2016
Reputation: 0
Someones has a FBX that can work in Maya/3ds Max ?

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